Why Your Business is a Spiritual Practice

When I first became a Holistic Entrepreneur over five years ago, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into!

Having worked for several years in a corporate job doing something I didn’t love, my soul was seeking something greater. I knew that there was something much bigger for me out there, so when it came along, I was ready to embrace it.

Like many practitioner’s, when I discovered holistic health and wellness, what I learned had a huge impact in my own life and became a personal passion of mine and my mission to help others.

The funny thing was, though, I thought that as soon I finally found something I was passionate about, that the rest would be easy. Ha!

Little did I know that not only was I stepping into the complete unknown, I would be embarking on a path of greater spiritual awareness and understanding….something I wasn’t expecting, but it has become the biggest GIFT of becoming an entrepreneur.

Maybe you can relate to my story. Has following your dreams meant a spiritual awakening of sorts for you, too?

Here’s what happened next….

Over the course of the next few years, my life changed dramatically. Besides suddenly becoming my own boss for the first time and having to figure out how to start and grow a business from scratch, I saw myself changing. A few months would go by and I would meet with an old friend and things wouldn’t feel the same. What was different is that I felt like I was a different person.

How could starting my own business make me a different person?, I started to wonder.

What I now know is that I wasn’t a different person at all, I was just becoming more of who I already was.

Being in business for yourself and following your dreams means you’ve not only made a commitment to yourself, but you’ve made an agreement with the Universe (or God, Source, The Divine, Higher Power, please choose whatever concept speaks to you.) The agreement goes like this:

“I’m listening to my heart now and trusting the process. I’m here to serve humanity and even if I’m not sure how it will all work out, I’m open to the journey.”

(By the way, CONGRATULATIONS! Did you know that 90% of people never break through to this point?)

And from that moment on, as you navigate the unknown waters of First-Time-Business-Ownership, you’ve gotta listen to your heart…each and everyday.

That’s why owning your own business is a spiritual journey.

The Biggest Spiritual Lesson of My Life

Listening to your heart and following your intuition is a skill I’ve had to develop as a entrepreneur. It’s your guidance system showing you the next step and keeping you on course.

Especially if you’re like me and you don’t come from “Entrepreneurial Blood”. That means you have no one in your “clan” who has gone before you to serve as an example of how to live under these new guidelines. You’re walking to the beat of a different drum now and there’s no pre-set rules on how to succeed.

What’s a Newbie to do? The only thing you can do is TRUST in something greater to guide you on this new, magical, exciting, and sometimes thrillingly scary journey of carving your own path.

And that process, my friends, is the BIGGEST spiritual lesson of my life.

It puts you right in the thick of the game, no more hanging back on the sidelines. It’s time to play full out. And the best way I’ve found to play full out is to completely embrace your business as a spiritual practice. For me, it’s led to a whole new level of success and understanding about why I’m here….plus a much bigger vision of my purpose than I could have ever imagined.

Spiritual Business Principles

The following spiritual principles have been a part of my personal journey and I share them in hopes that they provide some insight for you, too:

1. Trust – What better way to trust the Universe’s plan for you then to follow your heart into the unknown? Trusting the unknown isn’t easy, but it has profound gifts within it.

2. Patience – Sometimes things don’t happen how you thought they would or they take a little bit longer than you’d like. Remembering that something greater is always on the way is a test of spiritual patience and non-attachment.

3. Mirroring – I’m sure you’ve noticed when supporting your clients that they seem to bring up the very same things you yourself need to remember! It’s the Magic of Mirroring and the reflection you see is always a spiritual lesson.

4. Challenges – There’s no doubt challenges will come up if you own your own business. In fact, the bigger you grow, the greater the challenges that will present themselves along the way. They’re like experiments testing you to determine if you’re really ready to grow to the next level. How you handle these challenges and what lessons you take away from them is a spiritual learning.

5. Love – As a Holistic Practitioner, you know how important self-care and self-love is for your clients. And knowing that you need an extra dose (or a massive infusion!) of it yourself as a business owner is part of your spiritual journey. Can you do that for yourself?

6. Ritual – Taking the time to set your intentions, communicate with your higher self/higher power, and be open to co-creating all are spiritual acts. Meditation, visioning, prayer, and other spiritual practices and rituals can keep you grounded, focused and connected.

7. Support – If you’re like I was, the idea of “being supported” wasn’t even in my awareness. I thought I could do it all on my own. But my business success and my spiritual growth has been about releasing the idea of figuring it all out of my own and reaching out for support from mentors, coaches and community that could guide me where I needed to go. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people on your path keeps you in alignment and moving forward, when sometimes it would be more comforting to stay where you are. It’s one of the reasons I created the IAWP, the community for holistic health and wellness professionals, who are big thinkers that are ready to step up, serve and shine as they grow amazing, conscious businesses.

Supporting our members and my VIP Clients as they expand their roles as heart-centered professionals has truly been an honor. Thank you!

Knowing that my business is about something much greater than myself alone has catapulted me into serving others in a way I never would have imagined. When you get this, both your business and your life will never be the same. I know you’re on this journey, too, and I thank you for reading this post. I’d love to hear your comments below!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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22 thoughts on “Why Your Business is a Spiritual Practice

  1. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Edie,
    Thanks for sharing! I really think being in business for yourself requires a whole new level of tapping into why you’re here on this planet.

  2. Denver Hudson

    Hi Suzanne!

    Yes, I definitely consider my business a spiritual practice. Didn’t think of it that way in the beginning, but as I stepped into my 40s a couple of years ago, it became that! I’ve discovered that when you really go for it – when you really live from your heart – which is not the norm out there, then you are engaging in the greatest spiritual practice you can. EVERY obstacle that is blocking your unfolding will present itself. And one must be willing to face, learn from, and integrate those blocks to really become the full expression of who they are. Being in business for myself is an amazing experience: it opens my heart to myself, to others, and to the world. And that is certainly a spiritual practice! Thanks for your great article. -Denver

  3. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Denver, Thanks for sharing. It’s funny how getting started we don’t think our business has anything to do with a spiritual journey. I completely agree with your thoughts and am so glad to hear your business is opening your heart and those of others.

  4. Suzanne Post author

    Thanks Marc! I never thought the two had much to do with each other, until I was neck-deep in it all. Now I get it!…Which is precisely the moment that I’m sure I still have so much more to learn.

  5. Anne Purcell

    Wow Suzanne I totally agree but untill now thought I was alone and a little “far-out” for thinking like that. It’s a challenge to embrace the concept of business and spirituality combining, but very empowering if you can. Blessings from London. Anne 🙂

  6. Cat Braithwaite

    This is such a truth. For me, it took spiritual growth for me to realize what exactly I was supposed to do. I had to find what really turned me on instead of what I *thought* was more important.

    Now, I’m actually having fun with it as opposed to “dealing” with it.
    Thanks for this inight!!!

  7. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Anne, You’re not alone! We’ve received a huge response to this post, so just know that other holistic-minded entrepreneurs everywhere are resonating with business and spirituality. Afterall, if you’re following your purpose, it makes sense. Thanks for your comment, Suzanne

  8. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Cat, Thanks for your comment! I love how you’ve followed you’re heart and are having fun!
    Best, Suzanne

  9. Michelle Mayur

    Hi Suzanne,
    It is so nice to know you have been going through exactly what I have, as we are both taking quantum leaps up in our spiritual and business evolution. Love your teleseminar series!

  10. Michelle

    You nailed it! Thank you for sharing this information in a way we can all take in, reflect on and honor in our lives. Your work is a gift – thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  11. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Michelle – Thanks for your comments and glad to hear you are taking quantum leaps!! I’m glad you have been enjoying the Holistic Entrepreneur’s Authentic Business Summit, too! Suzanne

  12. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Michelle! Thank you for your comments and I’m so glad you are a part of this journey, too! Suzanne

  13. Rebecca

    Thanks Suzanne! This was just what I needed. A shining reminder of why we have chosen a holistic path and encouragement and support to remember we are not alone. Great Truthful tips.
    Many Blessings~Rebecca

  14. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Patti,
    I’m so glad you are a part of this community and taking action to create the biz of your dreams! I’m honored to support you! Thanks for your comments!

  15. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your comments. I’m glad the article was supportive for you and that you are on this amazing path! Best, Suzanne

  16. Denise

    Thanks Suzanne for sharing the wisdom and knowledge…this is exactly what I needed to hear. Your article is very timely. I’m looking forward to the journey.


  17. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Denise – So glad you liked the article. I love when things show up at the right time! Stay connected with us! Suzanne

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