Why You Should Never Create a Holiday Program Ever Again

As a holistic pro who is always seeking to best support your clients, you probably thought you should create a special program during the holidays for your clients, didn’t you? Surely you’ve heard other people suggest that you can ramp up end of the year business by creating a special holiday program for your clients, like “How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays”. But I’m here to tell you why you should NEVER create another holiday program ever again for your clients…and what you should do instead!

What do your clients really want…during the holidays and all year long?

When you create a holiday program, you’re offering yet another thing for your clients. But have you stopped to consider what they want? Your clients aren’t thinking about getting help during the holidays, they’re thinking about how their going to get everything done without going crazy. More importantly, they’re focused on something else. And that something else is the #1 thing that they ALWAYS think about. And that’s what you need to know.

What is the #1 thing that your client always thinks about?

Your client has something that is a burning problem they need a solution to. They think about this problem day in and day out, month after month. It’s their “big problem”. It’s the thing that keeps them awake at night. And THAT is what you are supposed to be helping them with.

The thing that they need help with isn’t just a problem they need solved in December, it’s something that’s always there, eating away at them because it’s so huge. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your clients have ONE main problem that affects many areas of their life EVERYDAY and they are looking for a solution to that problem.

How to Be The Solution

If you want to Be the Solution for your clients, first of all, stop creating new programs and more “stuff”! Most holistic practitioners and coaches spend hours and hours creating new programs that only a few people end up buying. They create a Holiday Program, right after their Fall Detox program and right before their Spring Cleaning program.

You don’t need more stuff to offer, what you need is just ONE THING to offer. One beautiful thing that solves a problem for a specific group of people. I call it your Signature System. Then you need to master how to SHARE that Signature System.

If you’re finding that you’re not having success creating program after program after program, it’s not because you don’t have valuable support to share, it’s simply because you are focusing on too many things and spending too much time reinventing the wheel.

If you want to create success in your business, you need to focus on one thing and get really good at it.

That’s exactly what participants in my new program are doing RIGHT NOW as you read this! Even though the doors officially closed on this program, we’re letting in a few more people who want to add Five New Clients to their holistic business Fast. You can still sneak in here: http://www.fiveclientsfast.com

Are you making this BIG Mistake?

I see a lot of coaches and practitioners develop new programs each and every month, usually in a desperate attempt to make their monthly bills. But developing new programs every month will keep you STUCK in Reinventing the Wheel and Chasing New Clients. Two very exhausting activities that will make you feel miserable after awhile. Plus you’ll also be trying to figure out how to market your new program from scratch every time.

What should you do instead?

1. Figure out your System

Start by asking yourself what you’ve figured out in life that other people need to know about. You might start with looking at yourself and asking, “What is the big problem I had and how did I solve it?” There’s something unique that you have to share. Focus on that first!

2. Create a Roadmap for your Clients

While the steps you took might seem simple to you, for other people, it may be just the roadmap they’re looking for. Recreate the steps you took to solve your problem in a simple, easy-to-follow plan.

3. Determine who needs to know about your Solution

Who cares about your system? You can find out by determining who is already seeking a solution to the same problem you had. This is your niche and they’re looking for your roadmap.

4. Share it

The next step is learning how to effectively share your system with your niche. These are your peeps and they’ve been waiting for a solution to their problem. Mastering the art of sharing your system will send you a steady stream of clients, and you won’t have to recreate your business every month.

What to do if you can’t resist holiday marketing?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t market your business during the holidays. It’s quite the opposite, of course you should! You should always be marketing your business. That’s why Mindful Marketing is one of four MUST-HAVE Pillars in your holistic business that we’re covering in my new program. Keep sharing your Signature System during the holidays.

If you can’t resist sharing holiday tips, try one of the following tips to provide value to your community …the first two add dollars to your bank account before the year ends!

1. Host a special Holiday Bonus call for participants who register for your new “System” starting in January. Keep it simple, like a Q&A call. You can still earn d’ollars in December by opening registration to your program that starts in January and creating a special bonus call now for those who register early.

2. Reach out to your current clients with some holiday cheer. Provide them with something special like an audio or book as a gift for working with you this year. And make sure to share with them your new program that begins in January. It may be a perfect gift for themselves or for someone they love.

2. Take one part of your Signature System and add a holiday twist to it. For example, if one thing you help your clients with is “grocery shopping for natural weight loss”, then share a special “Holiday grocery shopping list for natural weight loss”. You’re still helping them solve their big problem and staying focused on your unique message.

3. Blog about your holiday tips as it relates to their big challenge. Give them some tips to carry with them on their Merry way during this busy time of year.

4. Create a video with a seasonal message for your community.

I hope you are enjoying this magical time of year! Post your comments below on what you’re doing to solve your clients’ biggest challenges today and every day of the year!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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