When will they start saying Yes to working with you?



As the end of this year is coming to a close and a new one is about to enfold, you might be thinking about how you want things to be different next year.  What’s on your business wish list? More clients? More dollars? More fun?


Whatever your wish is, having a system in place to easily sign up new clients can help make it come true.

I’m curious, what if you knew how to have conversations with your potential clients that would have them saying yes to working with you?  What would that change for you?


I’m guessing it would change a lot of things! It’s so important to know how to have authentic, inspiring conversations with your potential clients so that if you’re meant to work together, it’s simple for them to say “Yes!”  


Unfortunately, too many holistic practitioners and coaches don’t know how to have these conversations and end up leaving dollars on the table and worse yet, send their potential clients off to find a different support solution.


That’s why I’m sharing with you my 3 tips to getting more yes’s without having to convince anyone to work with you.


Client Conversation Tip #1 – Talk about your program/work in a way that has people believe it will help them 

If you don’t believe your work will help your potential client, you can’t expect them to believe it either.  


Solution: Come from a place of confidence and focus on the transformation that will occur in your clients’ lives, not the number of sessions or handouts you’ll give them. Focusing on the transformation means sharing with them how their life will be changed for the better. Get specific on what matters most to them!

Client Conversation Tip #2 – Help your potential client believe in themselves

Even if your potential client believes in you and what you have to offer, they may still be reluctant to invest in working with you because they don’t believe in themselves. They’re not sure they can get the results. And while they may not say this, it’s often underneath the surface. So what should you do?


Solution: One way you can help them believe in themselves is by sharing examples of people like them who have worked with you and have achieved results. Another way is to let them know that your job is to hold their hand through this process, so they never feel like they are alone or doing it by themselves. Focus on inspiring them during your conversation so that they can see what’s actually possible for them.

Client Conversation Tip #3 – Discovery not Desperation

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in whether or not someone is going to say Yes or No to working with you.  But if you’re focused on the outcome, you can’t hold the space for your client to authentically connect with you and make a decision about their next step.


Solution: Come from a place of Discovery – wanting to discover what is the next best step for the person you are talking with. Coming from Discovery allows you to let go out desperation and hold the space for your client’s highest possible good.  When you’re discovering, you don’t do a lot of talking. You do a lot of listening and asking questions. And when you ask questions, you allow your client to authentically answer about their challenge and what they think will help them.  The energy of the conversation changes when you are in a place of discovery.   Some of my favorite Discovery questions are: 

  • Would you tell me more about that?
  • What’s that like for you?
  • What would you like to experience instead?
  • Would you like to be supported in making a change?


Try out these three tips and watch your Client Conversations change. Recently one of my clients tried these three steps out and went from having 12 Discovery Sessions (initial consultations) without any new clients signing up to signing up her next 3 clients in a row!


Share your own successes below!

Love, Health & Success,


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