What’s Your Plan?

Do you Have a Plan?

We all need plans to help us envision where we want to go. Imagine wanting to buy a new home, but never dreaming about your ideal home or visiting any houses in the area you want to live. It’s like having a wish, but no plan in place to make it a dream come true.

All dreams are possible…with plans to support them.

When it comes to your holistic business, do you have dreams and big ideas of where you want to be? I hope so! Dreams are what fuel us to keep moving forward. But I love dreams backed up by solid roadmaps that get us to that dream more smoothly and sooner rather than later.

Where most holistic pro’s usually miss the boat in following their dreams and going into business for themselves, is that they try to figure out the roadmap all on their own.. You’re good at making things happen, especially when it comes to supporting your clients, so it makes sense that “getting it all done” on your own is part of your nature. But take a minute to step back from all that you do everyday and ask, “Is my plan working?” (OR: “Um, er, do I even have a plan?!”)

This week I was working with one of my private VIP business coaching clients on her Holistic Business Plan and she shared that until now, she had been so caught up in the “to-dos” of her coaching practice for the last few years that she had never taken a step back to really figure out not only where she was going, but where she wanted to go. It was a relief to her to actually create a plan that authentically resonated with her vision and guided her on a daily basis, step-by-step to the exciting results of a published book, a thriving practice filled with her ideal clients and a website that generated passive revenue for her business.

With a holistic business plan, YOU get to decide where you want to go and how far you can dream. It’s all possible and there’s no limits…but without a roadmap to follow, it can be a pretty bumpy ride.

Time to Re-Work Your Plan?

Have you ever noticed that things change? Exactly. You might have had a solid plan in place, but sometimes your goals change, your dreams change, YOU change and get more clear about who you are and who you want to serve, and it’s a fact that how business is done is always changing. So what’s a Wellness Pro who wants to create a thriving business to do?

You may need a fresh look at your plan, a new perspective or a completely new plan all together.

Here’s a few good indicators that you might need to trash your biz plan:

*If you’ve been workin’ your plan, but it’s not workin’ for you within 3 – 6 months, something not right

*If you’re plan doesn’t express the biggest vision of YOU, it’s not in alignment with your heart

*If you feel overwhelmed by your plan, it may not include clear, do-able action steps that equal results

Any of the above are reasons for creating a new plan….and fast!

Business Check-Up

If you’re still not sure you’re plan is THE PLAN for you, then you’ll want to do a Holistic Business Check-Up. It’s a great way to see if you’re on track.

Here’s some simple questions to answer that are taken from the Holistic Business Plan IAWP Member Workbook– A sneak peek to get you thinking about your own plan….

*Who do you serve?
*How do you serve them?
*Are you serving them the best way you can?
*How do you create Connection and Community?
*What products, programs and services make the most difference for both you and your clients?
*What is your Monthly Money Goal?
*How many programs/products must you sell each month to reach that goal?
*What do you need to do or let go of to step into your new vision?
*When will you do this by and whom will support you?

Take some time to give yourself a Business Check-Up and share your plan of action on the blog! Then get your plan in place so you can serve in the way you’re really meant to.

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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