What’s Your Money Temperature?

We all know that our average body temperature is supposed to be around 98.6 degrees…but have you ever thought of taking your Money Temperature? Your Money Temperature is the average amount of money that you are “set” to, the amount of money you feel comfortable making. Any less and you start feeling a little anxious, any more and you might feel doubtful. So, is your money temperature hot, cold or just average? Take my Money Temperature Test and find out!

Here’s what you do….
1. Add up your monthly income for the last 12 months. If you own your own business, it may be different every month.
2. Take your total and divide it by 12 to get your average money temperature.
3. Most people’s number is lower than what their goal is. Ask yourself if your number is the same this year as it was last year. If so, there’s a good possibility it will be the same next year, too….unless…

Unless you do something different, something to drastically change where you are. It may be a change in mindset, it may be digging deeper to uncover your money blocks or things inhibiting your success, or it may be working with someone who will support you and/or your business to get to the next level.

Sometimes people get uncomfortable talking about money, but the more open you can be about it, and know what makes your temperature go up and down, the better in tune you’ll be with creating success. Sure, money isn’t the only gage for success, but it is a form of energy that affects us every day. Why not tap into a good relationship with money so that you can work with it, rather than against it?

For me, owning my own business, my money temperature used to always be equal to or lower to what I made in my corporate job. It was as if I thought I could never possibly make more on my own, or that in owning my own business it would be much more difficult to make money without a secure paycheck. Then one day I realized my Money Temperature was just a number in my head, a number set in my subconscious mind, that was delivering to me what I believed to be true about how much money I could earn as a business owner. As soon as I embraced the new money goal I had for myself, I began to find ways to get there. Now, I take my money temperature every few months to check in with myself and set new goals.  And if I need a little chicken soup along the way, I make sure to take a break and reflect.

What do you do if you want to raise your money temperature but you aren’t sure how, or just thinking of money makes you feel like your contracting the flu? First, start by choosing a new number for your money temperature, one that is just a little warmer than where you are now, but would feel comfortable to you. Then create a stretch goal, something that is even warmer, something that you would really like, but may seem too difficult or impossible. With your two new numbers, one a little warmer and one a lot warmer, ask yourself what would it take to reach each of these? Would it mean more clients, more networks, less worry, less stress, believing in yourself, more knowledge, more how-to, more support? It’s different for everyone.  Start listing out your action steps to reaching your new goal and remember, getting support from a community of like-minded professionals is a sure-way to raise your money temperature fast.

Suzanne Monroe

IAWP, Founder & CEO

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