What Your Chakras Say About Your Business

Being a holistic entrepreneur is so much about your energy, don’t you agree? I’ve found that the more in tune I am with my own energy, the more success I have.

I recently ran across an excellent video about how your body’s energy system is directly related to your business. As you know, I always like to pass along things I find that I think will help you with your holistic business or even your personal life or mindset.

As a holistic-minded person, you’re probably well aware of the energy system that runs through our bodies called the Chakras. I’m not a Chakra expert by any means, but I’ve had the opportunity to get some healing work done on my Chakras and learning more about the spinning colorful wheels of energy just below our surface is something that fascinates me.

I’ve always thought about the Chakras in terms of my own body…but what I recently learned from this video is that the Chakras correspond directly to your business, too.

And it just makes sense because your business is an extension of you….in fact, your business is most often the fullest expression of you.

The biggest surprise in starting and running my own business is that it is truly a spiritual journey. Becoming an entrepreneur has really “awakened” me, in a sense. It has tested me and put me into the bigger game of life, asking me to step up and play full-out.

Have you noticed this, too?

As a business owner who is following your passion, you’re suddenly thrust into practicing core spiritual principles on a daily basis? Lessons like trust, manifesting, accessing your personal power, understanding the energy of money, and speaking your truth all start to show up.

Right now I’m working on opening my 6th chakra so I can use more intuition in my business. This is huge for me, since I tend to think a lot, analyze and use my “brain” to figure things out…when the truth is, decisions made from the intuition are always spot on. Trusting My Gut has allowed me to take bigger and bigger leaps in my business. At the same time, my gut guides me to when I should hold back, wait or listen.

What I’m getting is that the chakras are a window to your inner self.

And this inner self is what is guiding every action you take in your life and your business. It’s important to make sure they are clear and open so you can receive and take action for your highest good. Good stuff, right?

I can’t wait to hear what you want to open up more of in your business. Make sure to post your comment below the video!

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6 thoughts on “What Your Chakras Say About Your Business

  1. Christy Love

    This is great Suzanne. Thanks for sharing!
    “Intuitiveness entrepreneurship combined with honorable communication is the new way to do business.”

  2. Karen

    Wow I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. I have finally found what I have been calling for this stage of my life. Thank you!

  3. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Karen – So glad you enjoyed this post and video! Much success on your new path!

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