What should you do next?


It’s time to put your to-do list away and get crystal clear on what you’re supposed to do next.

This month I hosted an open Q&A line with our IAWP Members. It was tons of fun and we filled the hour with great questions from our community. Questions varied from “Where should I focus in my business if I’m just getting started” to “How do I launch my new program successfully?” to “How much should I charge?”

Do you have questions like this, too? Whatever question is on your mind, it usually comes down to “What should I do next?”

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been at it awhile, questions come up. I used to think one day I’d stop having questions about my business. What I came to realize is that having questions is a good thing. It means you’re up to something and you’re growing. No one can possibly know everything there is to know. And the more you have questions and look for answers, the more amazing support you’ll encounter on the way.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options of what you could do next. But there’s one thing you should be doing next, the one thing that will make all the difference and have you laser-focused in on your purpose.

It’s different for everyone, because it’s where your unique brilliance lies.

If you’re wondering what to do next in your business, there’s three simple steps you can follow to get out of overwhelm and into clarity.

Step 1 – Write it Down

Write down all the stuff in your head and get it on paper in front of you. Sometimes just seeing it all visually brings clarity. Getting it out of your mind chatter and in front of you can bring clarity very quickly.

Step 2 – Laser Focus In

You’ll likely have lots of ideas and things on your piece of paper. Now it’s time to laser focus in. Ask yourself “If I could only do one of these things next, which would it be?” or “If there is one thing here that will bring me the next step closest to fulfilling my purpose, which is it?” If you’re purpose is to help your clients, then what will become very clear is that the very next best thing you can do is to provide value for them or reach out to them in some way. Check in with yourself on what is the laser focused action you can take to bring you one step closer to what you say you want. Put aside the things that aren’t your unique brilliance and focus in on what you do best. Then go deep here instead of trying to do everything.

Step 3 – Stretch Yourself

Sometimes you’d rather fill your day with to do’s because it makes you feel accomplished. Or it helps you to avoid doing things that are more uncomfortable, like reaching out to your client or picking up the phone. When you stretch yourself, you feel a little uncomfortable but good things usually happen. Plus, when you stretch yourself, you start to do things you wouldn’t have imagined otherwise and others feel that energy and notice this. Remember, you are usually asking your clients to stretch themselves by working with you, right? You’re asking them to try and do something new in their life. So be an example of stretching yourself and do the same. What does stretching yourself mean to you in your business? I’d love to hear, post your comments below and I’ll be sure to personally respond!

Thriving Together,

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