What Most Holistic Pro’s Forget to Do in December

Happy December! I hope your holiday season is off to a wonderful start! So many people get overwhelmed and stressed out this time of year. As a wellness professional, hopefully you’re helping them NOT to! But I hope, you too, are doing things that light you up and fill your spirit. One of those things for me is planning surprise outings with my husband, spontaneous little trips so we can really enjoy this month together. It might be an unexpected date out for some fermented, organic, antioxidant-rich cheer (which I actually won’t be partaking in this year, which you already know why if you read my last blog post!) or an evening walk around town to see the festive lights, bundled up in our hats and mittens. Besides all of the fun, I also LOVE to take time out for reflection and planning for the year ahead. Want to join me in doing the same for you AND for your business? This week’s article is all about how to do just that….and why you’ll want to make it part of your holiday-to-do list this year!

What Most Holistic Pro’s Forget to Do in December:

With all of the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to find your head swimming. And if you’re busy supporting your clients to stay grounded at the same time, it’s no wonder those chocolate snowmen seem to be rapidly disappearing!

Wouldn’t you feel better if you claimed this year to be a holiday with Less Stress and More Knowing.

Less stress seems simple – it’s about letting go of certain things that really aren’t in alignment with what feels right to you. If you’re feeling stressed, most likely it’s because you’re taking on things that don’t resonate with your heart. Knowing goes even a step further as you consciously choose awareness in all that you do.

“More Knowing” Might Look Like This:

  • Knowing how little you actually have to do to enjoy this time of year – why not pick what you really enjoy doing and leave the rest?
  • Knowing how the best gifts are those that don’t cost a thing – plan to meet a friend for a cup of tea
  • Knowing that Peace starts with inner peace – don’t wait to take some time just for you
  • Knowing that no matter what happened this last year, next year can be different – Can you be grateful for all that’s occurred (even the not so brilliant looking things) and set your Intentions with ease for 2011?
  • Knowing that to reach your new goals in 2011, your intentions need to be supported with a plan and action steps
  • Knowing that with Less stress and More Support you can accomplish almost anything!

Please feel free to comment and add your own Less Stress and More Knowing Tips below – I always love to hear from youe!

And if you’re ready for More Knowing and Less Stress in your Business, then make sure to join me this Thursday for my complimentary Holiday teleseminar here...designed to support you to get your Holistic Business Roadmap in place for a thriving 2011 that will knock your wooly socks off!

Wishing you a beautiful December!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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