What It Takes To Be A Great Coach

business teamWhat does it take to be a great coach? Have you personally experienced working with someone who truly made a difference in some area of your life? What was different about their approach?

Here at the IAWP, we recognize that many coaches tend to swing between two different coaching styles. Either they offer a lot of advice and information to the client and make suggestions for how to make a change or they serve as a motivational leader or cheerleader providing encouragement and support toward a goal.

Offering suggestions, encouragement, and support are all part of coaching but the most effective coaching takes place from a different space. It empowers both the coach and client. It goes much deeper into understanding one’s self and discovering the core issues that are getting in the way.

The IAWP’s Core Coaching Method teaches students how to combine the art of coaching with proven psychology techniques about how the brain works to make change. So our graduates are fully equipped to go beyond being an educator or motivator. They can go out in the world and really make a difference.

Great Coaches Share Common Attributes

Great coaches seem to share a few common attributes. They are well-adjusted and practice what they preach. They tend to their own lives through personal self-care and self-development. This balance brings positive energy to the coaching experience and helps clients feel confident.

Great coaches desire both a rewarding life and rewarding business. It’s not enough to have a passion for wellness. A passion for wellness without the ability to direct energy, passion, and knowledge into a thriving business means you have a hobby. The IAWP provides systems, tools, structure and support to our students, so they can channel their energy into running a successful coaching practice.

A great coach always sees the big picture and understands that she will not have all the answers because the answer lies within her client. A great coach knows how to communicate effectively to empower her clients to discover the core issues that are getting in their way and then, to support them in reaching their goals.

Great coaches exude confidence. They are authentic and genuine. Clients need to know you are skilled and knowledgeable yet compassionate. They are usually coming from a place of emotion when they seek the help of a coach. It’s up to the coach to sort out all the details through active listening, paraphrasing, and open-ended questions. These skills are developed through practice which is why our students receive practical hands on experience in the Core Coaching Method.

A great coach bundles up inspiration to pave the possibility of a bright future.

Finally, a great coach is forward thinking. They focus on the future, not fixing the past. A coach is not a therapist that spends time diving into the past to determine how the past is impacting the client today. A great coach focuses on how to move forward, how to live and learn, how to make each day count, how to change one step at a time, how to write your own future despite the past.

A great coach bundles up inspiration to pave the possibility of a bright future. Have you thought about becoming that person the paves the possibility for others? If so, this webinar was made for you. Make a difference. Pave the way.


Love, Health and Success,

Suzanne Monroe is the Founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals and Director of the IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification & Training Program. The IAWP has given away over $100,000 in scholarships to support people who are passionate about health and wellness. If you’re interested in learning more about a career as a Wellness Coach, you can chat with an Admissions Advisor by scheduling your appointment here.


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