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“When I first discovered the IAWP, I was instantly drawn to it because it was based on a Holistic lifestyle instead of just basic Nutrition. I knew that so many people struggle with just focusing on the food and not looking at their lifestyle to heal their health, so when I discovered this Program I was ecstatic! The key to being healthy is a Holistic lifestyle not obsessing over every calorie you put in your mouth. The IAWP teaches you this approach to set yourself free from restriction and dieting jail forever!! Not only did the IAWP teach me about a Holistic lifestyle, they taught me a whole new way to live life. The training program taught us how to support ourselves and our income through teaching others the material we’ve learned. You feel so much freedom when you know you can call the shots and take yourself where you want to go with your career. Thank you IAWP for helping me make a career out of my passion!”

Kristina Sloan
IAWP Wellness Coach

“Before I began the IAWP Wellness Coach training program, I was working in Corporate Wellness and doing some Personal Training on the side. I really wanted to further my passion for helping people to be healthier with a holistic approach to health and nutrition and the IAWP’s program was a perfect match. With the support of the IAWP, I’ve been able create a career doing something I love. The training program was very thorough and supportive, giving me the tools and knowledge I need to help others change their lives. The program also taught me not only how to help others, but also how to create success as a Wellness Coach in my new career. One of the exciting breakthroughs I had going through this program is that I applied all that I was learning to myself and my own health. While I considered myself to be healthy before, the IAWP Wellness Coach training inspired me to move to a deeper level of wellness…..”

Christina Nagle, Certified Wellness Coach
IAWP Wellness Coach Graduate

“I′ve finally discovered how to love my work and stay inspired! Before I even graduated from my Wellness Coach Certification program, the IAWP had shown me how to schedule and book my first wellness events so I could build my confidence in public speaking, start sharing my work right away, and have a ready-to-go system to earn income in my new career. I am now partnering with a major natural foods store and connecting with the ideal population of clients who need my support.”

Bryce Levine, Certified Wellness Coach
IAWP Wellness Coach Graduate & Get Real Plan Leader

“Before finding the IAWP I was searching for a way to turn my “hobby” for health and wellness into a career. The IAWP’s Wellness Coach Training Program provided me not only a clear path to my passion, but the success tools to make it happen. I love all of the done-for-you marketing tools I received like workshop scripts, client handouts, and my own website. And because of the focus on holistic business training, I was able to leave my day job and jumpstart my new wellness coaching business! If you want to start a career in health and wellness and be fully supported in your success, the IAWP is your one-stop-shop!”

Lisa LeVerrier, IAWP Certified Wellness Coach

The IAWP Wellness Coach Training is the best program I’ve come across. If you want to become educated not only as a wellness coach but also become a successful one, this certification program is a no-fail system. It’s so supportive, I love it!

Tracy Oleson, Certified Wellness Coach
IAWP Wellness Coach Graduate
Get Real Plan Leader

The IAWP Wellness Coach Certification Program has given me a clear and concise delivery system for all of the knowledge and wisdom I have to share. With all the business support I could ever ask for, I have pulled so much guidance in order to serve my clients better, and have gotten the reinforcement I needed to take care of myself as a practitioner. The IAWP Community has been so inspiring and has given me the tools to get out there and begin my career as a successful Wellness Coach!

Kathryn Hadad, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and IAWP Certified Wellness Coach

“Even though I was already trained in health and wellness, I needed someone to show me how to actually work with clients, help groups of people, lead workshops and structure my business. I gained all this and more through the IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification Program. I now have a system in place for my business and know how to coach my clients to get the results they’re seeking. Suzanne and the IAWP have such a welcoming presence which came through the virtual learning process. It made learning a breeze! Most importantly, this program gave me a goal that’s bigger than me alone – I now see a big vision of what I’m meant to do and how to serve others!”

Beverly Isla, IAWP Certified Wellness Coach

“I am about 2/3 complete with the IAWP Wellness Coach Certification program and am loving every minute! I am learning so much about holistic business ownership and just as much (if not more) about myself! This program has really allowed me to grow as an individual in many ways. I really feel this program has given me a greater inner focus and the desire to address areas of myself that need improvement! I am tremendously excited about sharing this new knowledge about wellness with my clients.”

Jill Hackbarth, IAWP Wellness Coach Student-in-training

“I loved this course so much I couldn’t wait to get up every day. The IAWP Wellness Coach Certification Program captured my attention from the moment I started and changed my life completely. This was by far the best investment I made in 2012. For the first time in my career, I’m excited about my adventure and the journey I am taking!”

Denise Atherton, IAWP Wellness Coach Graduate


Get your FREE Pass to Wellness Coach

Career Success Secrets

+ Get Instant Access to the Wellness Coach Career Kit


We will never share your information with anyone.


I look forward to meeting you on this upcoming call and helping you share your passion for wellness!

Suzanne Monroe
Founder, The International Association of Wellness Professionals

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