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Did you miss the live call on “Wellness Coaching: How to Create a Career You Love To Wake Up To Everyday While Doing Work
That Changes the Health of the Planet”?

You can listen to the recording here or Download the mp3 file to your computer:

Make sure to listen right away to learn about the Scholarship opportunities available for a limited time.

Scholarship Opportunities

When you listen to the call, you’ll learn that the IAWP is giving away a limited number of tuition scholarships for our Fall Enrollment. To apply to become a Certified Wellness Coach and be eligible for one of our scholarships, make sure to DOWNLOAD YOUR APPLICATION HERE

Scholarships are being offered now through October 14th. Because we have a limited amount of scholarships left, please do not wait until October 14th to apply if you want to qualify for one of our scholarships. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Your Next Steps

1. Download your application Here

2. Fill out your application in full and return it via fax to 888.836.2362 or email at [email protected]

3. We’ll contact you to schedule your Admissions Appointment where we’ll determine your Scholarship eligibility and confirm with you your acceptance.
*Please note: Your application will not be processed until you have had your Admissions Appointment and spoken with one of our IAWP Team Leaders live via phone to confirm your application status.

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on this exciting journey to becoming a successful Certified Wellness Coach!

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