Want more Lifestyle in Your Business?

laptopoceanOne of the best parts of owning your own business is that you get to design your lifestyle around it.

There’s some pretty big gems that come with running your own show, like….

*Setting your own hours,

*Not having to wake up to an alarm (my personal fav),

*Deciding what you’re going to and when (instead of
having someone else decide for you)

*And doing something that matters and makes a difference…..

When I talk to holistic practitioners and coaches about their dreams and visions for their business, there’s one thing that always comes through.

It’s not about having a more expensive car, a bigger house or more stuff.

What do Holistic-Preneurs really, truly want?

More Lifestyle.

You want more lifestyle in your business and in your life. But what does this really mean to you?

Recently I took a survey from some of our community members to find out what really having a successful business meant to them and what more lifestyle was really about.

Here’s what Holistic-Preuners like you are saying…

*More freedom to be who I am in my work
*Less worry about paying the bills
*Being able to afford vacations with family
*Owning a home so I can grow my own food
*Signing up for an unlimited yoga pass
*Getting more self-care like massage and bodywork
*Being there for my kids come when they come home from school
*Spending money on causes I care about
*Buying the organic/sustainable/local choice over the conventional
(be it food, clothes, furniture or other)

Now here’s what I want you to get….

Having more Lifestyle in your business is not selfish. It’s self-less. It’s self-care. The more you can take
care of you, the better you’ll be able to take care of others, agreed?

The more you have space, energy and freedom to be, create and experience, the more you’ll be able to give back and be on purpose.

And there were some deeper answers behind these lifestyle visions.

Here’s what people said they deeply wanted in
their heart of hearts….

*To know I am making a difference
*To show my children they can follow their passion in their life
*To change my family’s financial legacy and get out of debt
*To donate to my time/resources to organizations with a mission
*To be able to stand in my own power and claim my worth


I want you to have more lifestyle in your busines and the best way to do that is with a roadmap that leads you to your big vision.

If you don’t have a roadmap that takes into account everything you want in your business and your life, things won’t connect.

So I’m inviting you to join me on Thursday for a complimentary training where you can get in on this conversation about more Lifestyle in your business.

Join me for Wellness Leaders: How to
Build a Thriving Business that Serves the
World & Fuels Your Lifestyle.

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It’ll be really good, I promise you that.

Join me Here.

Thriving Together,

P.S. There’s some super exciting
on this call, so be sure to
join me live if you can. I can’t wait
to connect with you and show you how
to transform your business!

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