Truth-Telling In Your Business

dreamstime_xs_30479070This time of year we tend to focus on gratitude. I love gratitude practices. Gratitude in your business can help you focus in on what is going well in your business, instead of getting caught up in what isn’t going well (which is easy to do if you’re struggling to find clients, build your business or just feel completely lost some days.) But today I want to share another powerful practice that is a “sister” to gratitude. It’s what I call “Truth-Telling”.
Before I tell you about truth-telling and how to use it in your business, I want to tell you about a friend of mine who I have watched over the past year step more and more into her truth and share it with the world. Her name is Tanya Paluso and I have watched as Tanya has reported from the trenches: deep, vulnerable and authentic sharing about what it means to be a woman, an entrepreneur and a business leader. Tanya has inspired me to be more in my truth and I have respect and gratitude for her raw and real leadership. Tanya just wrote a book and you can learn about it here.

Gratitude and truth-telling share some similarities. They both bring you into the present moment. Both help you to see what’s beautiful in your life and business (even if things feel ugly). And both gratitude and truth-telling help you to extend beyond your own circumstances and think outside yourself. So if you’re caught up in your own woes about what isn’t working, stopping to practice gratitude or speaking your truth can have you flip the switch on your mindset and notice what is working.
While gratitude is usually specifically about giving thanks, truth-telling is a little more bold. It requires you to speak your truth in times of both “good” and “bad”. To sometimes say the truth when it’s not so pretty. To even be willing to speak the truth out loud when it’s not something you feel very grateful about. Let’s face it, sometimes we’re afraid to say the ‘bad’ out loud because we think we’ll get more of it. By ‘bad’, I simply mean what we perceive as bad, usually our own fears about what isn’t working or how things should be or what you are really afraid about. But what if you were to speak your fears, no matter what they look like?
The reason we’re afraid to truth-tell our fears is that we’ve been taught that focusing on what we don’t want can attract more of what we don’t want. Let’s stop right here. I’m big on manifesting, but I want to be clear that I don’t believe manifesting means ignoring or shutting down your fears. What I’ve learned through the years of owning my own business (and quite frankly being on the biggest spiritual journey of my life because of it), is that choosing not to speak your fears will not make them go away. Instead, they’ll just hide underneath the surface, growing bigger and bigger, and you can’t cover them up with any amount of gratitude or positive thinking.
Too often in the attempts to be positive, express gratitude and attract the life we desire, we run away from things we’re not grateful for or are even afraid of. We try to forget about them….hoping that if we ignore our fears, they won’t manifest. But it doesn’t work. What does work is bringing those little, nagging “secret” fears and shining a big, bright light on them. Like this: “Hello there fear! I see you hiding under there. Time to come out! So, what do you want to say to me?”
It sounds simple. But by speaking to your fears like this, you get to hear what the fear has to say. Then you can respond with the truth.
When we bring our fears about our business or our life to the surface, we get to experience something really powerful. We get to see how they are just fears and that with a little attention and love, they usually do melt away.
A little story about truth-telling in action….On a training call awhile back I remember one of our program participants, Rachel, sharing a very vulnerable story about her challenge in choosing a niche. For quite some time she had been putting her work out there as a Wellness Coach without much result. She was very reluctant to claim that she could help any one group of people. When she went through the niche exercises we were doing during the program, she knew that her niche was helping abused women. Reason is, she had been abused. It was a very sensitive topic and a very emotional one for her. Though she had done her own healing work around this, she was afraid that if she were to share this with others, would it really matter to them? Would anyone listen to her and did her story really matter?, she wondered. So instead of looking at her fear of sharing her work in this way, she just kept ignoring the fear. Through some coaching and digging deeper together to bring out her fear, we discovered that underneath her fear was actually a big, bright, beautiful truth: that if she didn’t share this information, she would be doing a true disservice to the women waiting to hear from her. Rachel was so glad she had finally let the “fear out of the bag”. She decided to be bold and tell the truth about her story so she could help more women be empowered.
Telling the truth in your business requires you to be bold. It can feel scary. But when you take this empowered step, you open yourself up in a new way. Doing this in your business can allow you to be more authentic, tap into your true purpose, attract clients in alignment with your mission or just feel more free.

So where do you need to do some truth-telling in your business? You can even share below in the comments if you’re feeling bold!

And if you’re hungry to be supported in truth-telling and being more authentic, vulnerable and open, then be sure to check out my friend Tanya Paluso’s new book Open Your Heart. While the book is specifically for women, I think evolved men will benefit too! Tanya’s story is compelling, inspirational and empowering for all women. She uses her own experience to pave the way for women to step into this new type of leadership that will change the world, where women lead their own lives from a place of truth. Tanya is giving away a free copy of her book to anyone in the IAWP Community that joins her 21 days to receiving program!

Learn about the book here.


What you’ll get from this book:

  • The power of sisterhood in making your dreams come true and how to be authentic
  • The importance of partnership with men in the new paradigm and how to open your heart despite being burned in the past
  • 13 aspects of the new feminine including how to forgive, let go and speak your truth
  • An accompanying Playbook (instead of a “Work” book) to apply all of the lessons to your own life
  • This book will change how women relate to themselves, one another and the world. I hope you join me in being part of this movement of new generation feminine leaders!


Learn about the book here.


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