Three simple steps to get referrals

One thing that new coaches and practitioners always tell me is that they want to figure out how to create referrals. There’s something very appealing about having a referral-based business….clients just keep coming to you! Well, that’s what most people think. But creating referrals is not about sitting back and escaping the “marketing and sales stuff”of your work. In fact, learning how to speak confidently about your business and authentically share your work (aka marketing and sales) will actually help you create more referrals.

Here’s three tips you can implement now to boost your referral-system:

  1. Introduce yourself to partners with a “share” mindset not a “get” mindset.
  2. You might be freaked out about approaching partners or potential referrals. But that’s because your thinking about “getting something” from them. You’re hoping they’ll send you clients or market your programs. Instead, start by asking how you can help them share their work. Shift from a “get” mindset to a “share” mindset and you’ll find yourself connecting with new referral partners easily. And make sure to love your referral partners up! Follow steps 2 and 3 below for both referral partners and clients. Remember, speak confidently about what you do for your clients and don’t be afraid to reach out and share your work with new partners.

    Take Action Tip: Make a point to connect with a minimum of 2 new referral partners each week.

  3. Take extraordinary care of the clients you do have.
  4. Taking extraordinary care of your clients means helping them get the results they’re seeking and giving them tons of value and support along the way. If you’re not sure how to help your clients get results, you may need to hone your coaching skills or create a signature system that is a step-by-step roadmap for your clients. When you create results for your clients, they’ll be happy to recommend you to their friends.

    Take Action Tip: Inventory your “results” and determine if you need to polish up any of your skills or learn to go deeper in any area so you can become the coach or practitioner you know you’re meant to be.

  5. Create a Valuable Gift to Share
  6. Create a special gift that is a sample of your support or work and share it with others. Make sure it’s unique, otherwise it will have no apparent value and their will be little interest. And you can go a step further and give the gift to your clients as something they can share with a friend. An example, could be a copy of your book/ebook, a special menu for the holidays (with you website at the bottom) or a gift certificate for a mini-consult (make sure to give your consult an enticing name that solves a problem).

    Take Action Tip:Determine what valuable “thing” you already have to offer, for example, it could be content like handouts or newsletters that could be put together in a manual or guide. And redesign it and give it a special look for the holidays – the perfect gift!

    Okay, so there’s the three tips…but I just can’t keep it to three! There’s a fourth, very simple step that you can begin doing today. Here’s the fourth bonus tip….

  7. Celebrate your clients.
  8. When your clients are seeing success, celebrate them! This can be sending them a special gift or just acknowledging them. And make sure to share their success with others! If your client emails you with a success story, this is a perfect testimonial. Just ask them if you can feature them in your newsletter or share their story with others.

    Take Action Tip: Every time you send out a newsletter, make sure to feature a client success story! It’s always helpful for new, potential clients to hear from others about your work and how great it is.

With these simple steps, boosting your referrals should be a breeze. Let me know which action item you’re going to implement right away as I’d love to hear from you. Just post a comment below!

Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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