The Value of Partnering in Your Holistic Wellness Business

You Can Only Do So Much On Your Own

No matter how good you are at sharing or promoting your work, you can only do so much on your own. There are audiences and groups that will go beyond your reach unless you develop partnerships to help you reach them.

Having partnerships is an extremely valuable business asset. In fact, developing and fostering partnerships is essential no matter what type of holistic practice or business you own.

If you’re waiting for people to find you or even if you’ve gone a step further and are sharing your message, your message needs wings. It needs to be able to fly and reach the right people. That’s where partnerships come in.

Your Message Needs Wings!

Your work is really important. You have a very significant message to share; what you do changes lives.

So often though, wellness professionals who start out loving what they do become negative, cynical, angry or downright depressed because they don’t think that anyone understands how important their work is. Keep in mind that it’s not that people don’t get it; it’s usually that you don’t understand how to reach people.

You’re likely sharing your message with someone. It might just be the “wrong someone”. So, it feels like “people don’t get it”.

The Value of Partnering in Your Holistic Wellness Business

Share With People Who Already Help People Who Need Your Work

What would happen if you started sharing your work not only with people who need your help but with people who already help people who need your work? If you really want to explode your business and touch as many lives as possible, the best way to do that is by going straight to the source–those who are already one step ahead of you. They are the ones that have spent years building their client base and community and who will help your business the most through partnership opportunities.

For new wellness professionals, this can feel scary. You might find yourself thinking, “Who am I to ask other people to share my stuff?” Or, “Why will this person want to give me access to their community after they have worked so hard to build it?”

It’s “fear of rejection” that’s really coming into play here. Yes, there’s a possibility that the person won’t share your work or won’t respond to your email or won’t be interested. But nine times out of ten, the person will be excited to collaborate.

Sometimes, this fear can also be about a fear of really being out there in the world with our work. We wonder how people will view us.  We wonder who we are speaking to in certain groups. This fear is really about taking our purpose and putting it out there.  Our purpose is truly intimate to us.  It’s a part of our heart.  It’s our passion.

Here’s what you have to keep telling yourself. By playing small and not taking action, no one will ever be supported by your work. No one will ever know what you do.

See Yourself As The Expert

But if you take the steps forward and begin seeing yourself as the expert that you are and start moving forward to share your work on this level, more lives will be changed, including yours. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but move into that discomfort and get comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Begin to see it as a sign of growth, as a good thing.  Don’t wait until things are perfect because it’s about imperfect action. Don’t wait! Get out there and start taking imperfect action!