The #1 Thing you Must do to Inspire and Motivate your Potential Clients

A few years ago I had a skin rash that covered both of my eyes. This is pretty strange for me, since my entire life I’ve always been told I have perfect skin. (I like to say my perfect skin is from eating so healthy and taking care of myself, but actually I just got lucky, it’s in my genes!) So when this skin rash came on suddenly, I was pretty surprised. Then it got worse. I was looking pretty scary, I have to admit. People were wondering if someone had beaten me up, no kidding…it looked like I had been punched in both eyes. I was afraid my new nickname might be “Bruiser”. It wouldn’t go away. I tried everything…of course starting with complementary therapies like aloe, oils, homeopathics and herbs…then a few conventional trips to the skin doctor. Nothing worked. And then something happened…

I’ll tell you what happened to me in a minute, but first I want to tell you about why it’s so important to share personal stories like this one with your clients.

See, there are a lot of things you need to know about when you want to run your own business. Things like how to attract clients and market your services. But did you know there’s something really, really simple yet profoundly impactful that you must do to create deeper connections with your current clients and create a flow of new clients who love what you do?

You must know how to Craft and Share your Personal Story.

Crafting your personal story is about taking your life experience and what you have to share with the world and mastering the art of telling this story over and over and over again, however and whenever you connect with potential clients.

Sharing your story is profound. In fact….

Sharing your Story is the #1 Thing you Must do to Connect with, Inspire and Motivate your potential clients.

Sharing your story is important for 3 main reasons:

  1. Your Story Shows your Potential Clients Why You are Unique
    Let’s admit it, there’s other people doing what you do out there. But the fact is, no one is YOU. So how do you differentiate yourself? The best way to show how your work is unique is to let people in on who you are and to show more of yourself. This does something really powerful, it…
  2. Creates Deeper Connections
    People want to know more about your personal challenges and when they relate, they’ll want to stay connected. They want to not only “know, like and trust” you, they want to feel connected to you as a person. Sure, exposing your life can sometimes make you feel naked, but once you try it, you’ll see why it’s so powerful. Plus, revealing your own challenges and journey…
  3. Shows your Credibility
    Most Holistic Pro’s want to get more letters after their name, more training, more education and more “stuff” to share…but what your clients really care about is that they can relate to you and that you can help them solve their problem. This shows them you’re credible. Consider this: Who would you rather learn from, someone who has studied how to heal chronic fatigue or someone who had chronic fatigue and figured out how to heal herself? See the difference?!

A Gift For You….

I’m so passionate about You >sharing your story to build your business, that I am releasing one of our Member-Only Private Calls to you so you can learn the 5 steps to crafting your story so that it makes you shine and inspires your clients. I even share my personal story on this call…so if you’ve never heard it, listen in. I share the juicy story of how I had a supposedly “incurable” skin rash and how it helped me to heal something really huge in my life.

Go Here to hear the full story and download my Gift to you.

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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2 thoughts on “The #1 Thing you Must do to Inspire and Motivate your Potential Clients

  1. Eriall

    This is one of the main problems haunting me in trying to do effective, authentic marketing. I’m not really sure what my personal story is, or how personal or un-detailed to make it, or if there’s enough to make a story out of. 😛 Thanks for the 5-Steps call recording, I’ll definitely be using it!

  2. Suzanne Post author

    HI Eriall, I know the 5 steps call will really help you in crafting your personal story. Be sure to listen to it and go through the exercises, then let us know how it’s going! – Suzanne

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