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Teach & Lead Mastery & Mentorship Program with Suzanne Monroe

Are you ready to go to the next level in your business and start sharing what you know with others? If so, watch this video now….

This program is designed to help you:

• Expand your current business to the next level so you can serve on an even greater, more meaningful level.

• Go deeper in helping others.

• Step up as the leader you’re meant to be.

• Increase your confidence and your credibility.

• Break through any limits you’ve been placing on yourself and your business.

• Create a foundation for years to come.

• Design a crystal clear path to your ideal business and life.

• Align with your true purpose through your work.

• Increase your income dramatically.

• Catapult quickly to teaching others what you do with one-on-one, personal support to guide you every step of the way.

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In this personal Mentorship and Mastery Experience you will learn the
Complete System to Teaching Others, including….


Morgana Rae


“This is the NEXT BIG THING!…Become the Powerful leader you’re meant to be.”

“This is the NEXT BIG THING! Suzanne is truly a leader for heart-centered entrepreneurs and her newest training shows you how to go from “Busy Solo-Preneur” to “Visionary”. If you’re a coach, practitioner or other conscious entrepreneur who wants to play big and serve big, then get yourself into Suzanne’s world. Suzanne’s not only a successful entrepreneur, but a teacher who is on a mission to share her success secrets and make them simple and do-able so you can become the powerful leader you’re meant to be.”

Morgana Rae
Charmed Life Coach and Money Goddess


Kris Ward


“Suzanne is an amazing coach who will guide you in stepping into your true potential”

“Creating abundance as a holistic-preneur doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a combination of many factors that are best developed when you have the right coach or mentor….Suzanne is an amazing coach who will guide you in stepping into your true potential.”

Kris Ward
Yogapreneur & Lifestyle Design Consult

Sharla Jacobs


“Suzanne is creating a huge shift….”

“As a million dollar coach to holistic practitioners, I know what it takes to create a business that is authentically aligned with your work and also makes the kind of money to support your lifestyle. It’s not something you want to do alone … every successful holistic practitioner needs a mentor who can guide them. And Suzanne Monroe is that perfect mentor for wellness professionals because she’s actually achieved everything she teaches. Suzanne is creating a huge shift for holistic professionals so they can finally leave struggle behind and step into creating the income they deserve.”

Sharla Jacobs
Award-Winning Million Dollar Coach
Founder of Rejuvenate Your Practice

Michelle Bersell


“Suzanne’s my secret weapon for my business….”

You know how you catch wind of a great idea for your business, only to find out that by the time it’s reached you, it’s what everyone is already doing these days? That’s what usually happened to me, until I found Suzanne. I went from “catching-on-too-late” to being a leader in my field. Suzanne expanded my narrow vision into something much grander than I could have imagined.

If you’re at a point where you know you need to go to the next level but fear the unchartered territory, Suzanne will successfully navigate you to big results. She has a keen awareness about what’s working and what’s not and how to create the foundational structures so you can play at a much bigger level. Suzanne’s my secret-weapon for my business and I keep her in my back-pocket so I can get guidance ahead of the game for all my business decisions.

Michelle Bersell
Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker


Jenn August


“Learning from Suzanne, I’ve seen a bigger version of “me”….

“When I first heard about Suzanne Monroe, I thought, “I have to meet her!” When we met in person, I finally understood why Suzanne has been able to build such an amazing business. She is completely authentic and transparent about how she’s created her success and is here to truly serve others who are ready to create a big impact with their work. If you know you’re meant to be a leader in your field, then I highly recommend spending as much time with Suzanne as you possibly can. Learning from Suzanne, I’ve seen a bigger version of “me” and how I can serve at an even greater level through my business.”

Jenn August
Business Hypnotherapist and Success Coach


Lisa Sasevich


If you want to learn Heart-Based Marketing strategies that are in alignment with your message….then I highly recommend you work with Suzanne”

“As a Faculty Member of the IAWP, I’ve seen how Suzanne is truly dedicated to teaching Holistic Professionals how to connect with clients and grow their businesses … If you want to learn heart-based marketing strategies that are in alignment with your message…then I highly recommend you work with Suzanne and get on the fast-track to a thriving business.”

Lisa Sasevich
The Queen of Sales Conversion


Here’s what’s included in the Teach & Lead
Mastery & Mentorship Program….

Personal Business Retreat with Suzanne – 3 Days

Get ready for your very own business retreat! Your Personal Business Retreat consists of three consecutive days of Personal Strategy Support and Coaching with Suzanne where you’ll go deep into the content, tools and success secrets to build your “Back Door” business by training, licensing and/or certifying others. You’ll be supercharged with the steps you need to create success, enjoy personal mentorship and support and receive done-for-you forms, templates and blueprints so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to “Teaching Others to Do What You Do.”

Your Personal Business Retreat looks like this:

Day 1 – One-on-one mentoring with
Suzanne in a two hour intensive, with homework

Day 2 – One-on-one mentoring with
Suzanne in a two hour intensive, with homework

Day 3 – One-on-one mentoring with
Suzanne in a two hour intensive, with homework

After your Retreat, you’ll have a customized roadmap of what to do, when to do it and exactly how to do it. You’ll leave with clear next steps that you can put into action right away and a Big Vision for where you are headed.


Teach & Lead Followup Strategy Sessions

Once you complete your Personal Business Retreat, you’ll have two, one-hour followup strategy sessions over the next two months. These sessions will keep you moving forward + give you added support to check-in with questions once you’ve begun to implement and create big breakthroughs.


Unlimited Support

Enjoy unlimited Q&A email support with Suzanne during your program over an entire 3 months! That means you can email in with any questions and get answers, so there’s no delay in moving forward with your Big Vision. As you take action and launch your training program, Suzanne will be there to guide you and support you to success.


Plus these Bonuses valued at over $10,000…..

Done-for-You Templates, Agreements, Applications and Scripts
From legal forms to program applications to marketing blueprints, you’ll love these done-for-your resources that you can customize and use right away! If the “logistics” of training/licensing or certifying has been holding you back, You’ll receive the key agreements, forms and scripts you need to protect your program, including:

• Licensing Agreement
• Certification Forms
• Group Training Agreement
• Faculty Invitation Script
• Program Applications
• And more!

Value $3,997

Backstage Pass to Premier Virtual Event
You’ll enjoy a Backstage Pass to Suzanne’s Virtual Event in May 2013. This premier pass will give you access to high-level expert trainings and much more. Your complimentary pass is included as a bonus with this program!


Value $997


mP3 Audios of all Training Calls
Yours to keep to review your sessions and go deeper.


Value: $1,997


The IAWP Product Suite

You’ll get instant, downloadable access to the Holistic Business Success System 12 Week Home Study Program, The Five Clients Fast training program and IAWP membership. All programs including audios, blueprints, templates and more! You’ll learn authentic marketing and client attraction, plus see from the inside how Suzanne has built her programs.

Value: $3,000+

This program is ideal for you….

   If you’ve created success with your business but are now facing burnout. If only there was another “You” on your team! You want to grow but you also want to create more leverage and fun in your business without losing your mind.

  Your practice is full and you can’t physically take on new clients, yet your income is capped. Wouldn’t it be great if you could clone yourself? You can!

   You’ve mastered a thing or two in your business and your colleagues are even asking you how you’ve done it. You’ve given out your advice and now want to really help others in your field get to where you are. You recognize you’re really good at something and it would be amazing to get paid to teach others how to do it.

   Or even if you’re just getting started and know you’re meant to do something big. You’re someone who doesn’t like wasting time or reinventing the wheel and fast-tracking your success is your goal.

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Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe

Holistic Business Coach & Mentor
Founder & CEO, The International Association of Wellness Professionals

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