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Where do IAWP Wellness Coach Graduates Work?

Approximately 80% of graduates start their own Wellness Coaching business and work with individual clients or with groups.

You can find IAWP graduates…..

  • Working with private clients in their own office
  • Hosting workshops in their community
  • Teaching cooking classes
  • Creating online seminars to reach people globally
  • Being featured in the media
  • Writing books
  • Hosting wellness retreats and destination excursions
  • Blogging and creating an online presence
  • Hosting local community health events

Approximately 20% of graduates combine their Wellness Coaching education within another career.

You can find IAWP graduates…..

  • Working in traditional healthcare settings
  • Working in holistic clinics
  • Being a part of wellness centers
  • Supporting local community programs
  • Working inside schools to change children’s health
  • Working within corporations to help employees



What are IAWP Graduates Up To?

Wellness Coaching Private Practice

Jill Hackbarth
Jill Hackbarth, class of 2012 combines her experience in skin care with wellness coaching and teaches women how to avoid toxic skin ingredients for better health through her business Healthy Radiance.
Emily Soares Proctor
Emily Soares Proctor, Class of 2014 is the founder of TravelingLighterWellness.com where she supports her clients to simplify their life and maximize their health. She’s the creator of “Declutter Your Life” and “Live Your Perfect Diet”, her wellness coaching programs that offer customized personal support. Emily also speaks to groups both large and small on wellness, decluttering and life simplification.
Kayla MacArthur
Kayla MacArthur, Class of 2015 is the founder of LiveFitWellnessCoaching.com. Kayla supports clients through her one-on-one personal coaching packages to help them create the body and life they desire. Her “Body Breakthrough Programs” support you to fall in love with building a fit body and living a fit lifestyle.
Andria Kleis
Andria Kleis, Class of 2015, turned her passion for nutrition and wellness into a career she loves with her business "End Your Diet and Trust Yourself".  Andria struggled first hand with the vicious cycle of dieting and now her mission is to share with people how to overcome the dieting and deprivation and instead find lasting weight loss through lifestyle changes and intuitive eating. 


Teaching Workshops

Sue Hanna
Sue Hanna, Class of 2011 leads Grocery Store Tours and Pantry Makeovers to help her clients transition to a healthy life.
Michele Spear
Michele Spear, Class of 2014 was diagnosed with high cholesterol and embarked on her own journey of wellness and healing. As a wellness coach, she now teachers others that they are not doomed by their genetics through her workshops and cooking classes.


Leading Events

Lisa Leverrier
Lisa Leverrier, class of 2011, cured her thyroid illness and now teachers women across the globe how to heal their own thyroid through her online events and programs.
Donna Lee Humble
Donna Lee Humble, Class of 2015 is the creator of “The Higher Self Care Series” where she teaches people how to discover the perfect peace that is within them. Beyond her events, Donna works with both individuals and groups to help people achieve their health goals in a natural way and incorporates powerful emotional release techniques.


Helping Families & Communities to live healthier

Robin Byers
Robin Byers, class of 2013, is a former Registered Nurse who saw how the traditional healthcare system was failing its patients and decided to take matters into her own hands. She now helps women to tap into their power and become the leaders of change in their families and communities.
Michelle Morgan
Michelle Morgan, class of 2014, serves as a Community Liaison in her local wellness center. As a Certified Wellness Coach, Michelle supports her community and local businesses with wellness workshops and seminars on fitness, nutrition and preventative health care.


Travel & Wellness Retreats

Sonja Franzman
Sonja Franzman, class of 2013, takes her clients on destination wellness retreats to Costa Rica.
Margaret Ulrich
Margaret Ulrich, Class of 2014, is an IAWP Wellness Coach and Travel Wellness Writer living in Cambodia where she is living out her dream to travel and teach yoga and wellness.


Fitness, Yoga, Massage Therapy and Other Holistic Practices

Candice Carroll
Candice Carroll, class of 2009 combines wellness coaching with yoga and meditation to help her clients listen to themselves and heal their bodies.
Morgan Sheets
Morgan Sheets, class of 2015, combines Wellness Coaching with her massage therapy practice. She is the owner of Living Well Enterprises and her mission is to teach others to Live Well, Be Well and Do Good. Morgan takes a holistic, transformational approach to wellness and healing. She offers personal coaching programs and free tips through her newsletter on how to live well, be well and do good at livewellbewelldogood.com.


Developing healthy products

Kristina Sloan
Kristina Sloan, class of 2010, started “Cookies in the Raw” a raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free, healthy snack.
Nathan Norville
Nathan Norville, class of 2012, combines his personal training background with his wellness coaching career to create a mobile app to help people lead a healthy life on-the-go.


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