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The Holistic-Preneur’s Client Attraction Formula: How to Sign up Your Next Five Clients…Fast!

As a Holistic Professional or Coach, you’re passionate about inspiring others but sometimes miss the mark when it comes to marketing. Marketing doesn’t have to feel “salesy” if you come from an authentic place. In this program, you’ll discover how to share your unique message in a big way so you can begin serving those who are waiting to hear from you, your future clients and raving fans!

Key Learning Points:
• The Holistic Expert 4 Step Formula that will
show you how to finally “crack the code” on
working with clients you love and building a
profitable, sustainable business as a Holistic-Preneur

•Two Facts you have to know about your clients
if you want to fill your programs and help more
people with your passion

•The Insider Secrets to creating a waiting list
of ideal clients eager to work with you

•The #1 Thing you need to do now in your business
above all else to finally earn the income that
fits your lifestyle

•And…How to create Deeper Client Connections that
result in raving fans sharing your work

•Plus: The Truth about What your client attraction
challenges really mean on a soul level and how
getting this will take you to the next level in
your business and your life…seriously juicy stuff!

Additional Topics Suzanne can speak on include:

•The 7 Secrets to Following your Passion Everyday And Creating a Lifestyle Business you Love

•Branding Your Holistic Biz: How to Connect with Clients by sharing your Unique Message

•3 Simple Steps to 10K per month in your Holistic Practice

•Wellness Coach Success Secrets: How to create a Healthy Career you love to wake up to everyday, inspire others to live well and earn a great income at the same time

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