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Catapult Your Business to Success By Joining The International Association of Wellness Professionals


Attention all Wellness Professionals, Holistic Practitioners and
Heart-Centered Coaches

Are you ready to Jumpstart your Holistic Practice and Get the Support You Need to Create a Thriving, Sustainable Business that You Love to Wake up to Everyday?

Most Holistic Professionals struggle to grow a business that really supports them and their lifestyle. It’s completely normal – You’re passionate about health and wellness and changing lives, not marketing and sales! Yet deep down you know that if you could just figure out how to market your services, attract more clients and create more income, you’d be able to keep doing the work you love. If that sounds like you, you’re most likely in the right place. But let’s take a closer look…..

Have you felt overwhelmed with any of the following?:

*Creating consistent income
* Attracting the right clients who want to pay for your services
* Knowing What to do When in your business
* Developing irresistible marketing materials
* Feeling authentic when having to sell your “stuff”
* A feeling that you might have to go get a “real” job instead of following your passion?

Don’t give up on your passion! You’re meant to do this work and help others in a big way.

The missing piece is just knowing HOW to do it. That’s what the IAWP is here for. We’ve taken the best of proven, entrepreneurial business strategies and molded them to fit our lives as holistic-minded professionals….so we don’t have to feel “salesy” or inauthentic, yet we can create a business and lifestyle that truly speaks to us.

We’ve proven that Holistic Professionals can create success doing what they love while serving the world in a big way. And what we know is that “going-it-alone” is no fun and it will take a lot longer to reach your goals. That’s why Community is so important. And not just any community.

What you need is a Community that…

* Gets you and your work
* Can provide you with proven tools for holistic business success
* Will show you not just “what” to do, but “how” to do it
* Is here to Answer your Questions along the way so you don’t feel alone
* And will hold your hand from wherever you are now all of the way to your Big Vision

When you receive this kind of love, support and expert advise designed specifically for holistic businesses, you can’t fail! You’ll see yourself making big changes, like:

* Working when and where you want
* Designing a lifestyle that speaks to who you are
* Touching as many lives as you wish
* Having more Freedom and Flexibility to do what you love everyday
* And Serving and Shining in the way you’re really meant to



Sheri Mcconnell“If you want to get on the fast track to success as a Wellness Professional, then you can’t afford not to check out the IAWP.”

“Most entrepreneurs in the wellness field have so much to offer, but no one ever taught them the business tools they need to be successful. Suzanne Monroe is dedicated to teaching holistic professionals how to create thriving businesses that make a difference in our world. As a Millionaire Coach, I’ve personally trained Suzanne and I know that her work is changing the lives of wellness professionals everywhere who want to finally break free from the service-model struggle and learn how to leverage their time and talents in a big way.”

Sheri McConnell

CEO of The Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning

Author, “Smart Women Know Their Why”



You can get started on this amazing journey as an IAWP Member right away. You’ll gain immediate access to the best business and marketing practices in the industry when you become a member of the International Association of Wellness Professionals. IAWP Membership is for Wellness Professionals and Holistic Practitioners who want to take their passion for their work and gain entrepreneurial business support to create a thriving practice, without delay or struggle and with tons of support. IAWP Members are inspired to create successful businesses so they can share their life-changing work with others while remaining authentic to their purpose. Here’s what you’ll receive as an IAWP Member:

Member Benefits


Lifeline Calls – Your Holistic Business Support Line

Need a breakthrough in your business? Grab your tea and join us each month for coaching and Q&A time. You’ll connect personally with Suzanne Monroe on an open-line for coaching time and creating your big breakthrough. If you can’t make the call, you can submit your questions ahead of time to be answered on the live call. (Live webinar/call takes place the first Tuesday of every month at 10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET.)


The Holistic Business Makeover Audio Library

Over 20 hours of training specifically for holistic practitioners, coaches and wellness professionals, The Holistic Business Makeover Audio Library covers everything you need to know to run a successful holistic business today. Our training seminars with industry experts are designed to get you moving in the direction you want to be going without delay or struggle. As an IAWP member, you’ll have immediate access to our entire holistic business training program as soon as you join.

A sample of just some of our training topics include:

      • The #1 Key to Wellness Website Success
      • Become the Go-To Leader with Social Media
      • How to Attract More Clients that Want to Buy Now – Find Your Niche and Create Your Irresistible Offer
      • The Top 5 Mistakes Practitioners Make and How to Avoid Them
      • The 4 Biggest Mistakes Wellness Professionals Are Making That Stifle Their Income & Keep Them In Overwhelm
      • Your Revenue Roadmap – How to Make Dollars Make Sense in Your Holistic Business
      • Creating Wealth and Optimal Wellness for Entrepreneurs
      • Hiring Your First (or Next) Assistant and Growing Your Team
      • How to Create a Brand that is Unique to YOU
      • How to Publish an Ezine that Makes You Money and Builds Your Reputation
      • Your Secret Weapon For A 6-Figure Practice
      • Raise Your Expert Status
      • Promote Your Authentic Message by Getting Noticed in the Media


Exclusive Member-Only Training Events

partnershipsAs a holistic entrepreneur, you need to stay on top of this ever-changing industry to build a successful business. From Client Attraction to Holistic Marketing to Online Strategies, the IAWP brings you the most up-to-date business support and training. You’ll enjoy private member calls with the industry’s best experts so you can be in-the-know.


Holistic Business Boosting Blueprints & Templates

HolisticBusinessPlanWorkbook_webThere’s a lot to do when you want to start or grow a business. With the IAWP’s Holistic Business Plan Workbook you’ll be able to save time, energy and money while you focus on what you do best using our proven marketing blueprints, checklists, templates and scripts. Just some of the tools you’ll receive are:

• IAWP Marketing Blueprint
• Program Launch Blueprint
• Time Management Templates
• The Holistic Revenue Roadmap
• The Joint Venture Success Checklist
• How to Determine What You Should Charge Template
• Client Testimonial Request Form
• Strengths Analysis Template
• The Holistic Business System Blueprint


Client Coaching Tools

templatesWhether you’re already a coach or just find yourself “coaching” your current clients, having done-for-you client forms and templates will make preparing for client sessions a breeze. You’ll get immediate access to these downloadable Client Coaching Tools you can start using right away:

• Wellness Intake Form
• Client Check-In Followup Form
• Client Breakthrough Coaching Questions Template
• Complimentary Session Blueprint ( What to do, ask and say during a free consult)
• The IAWP’s Healthy Lifestyle Wheel


The Wellness Professional’s Resource Guide

Consider the IAWP’s Wellness Professional’s Resource Guide your Virtual Rolodex. Get all the contacts you need to grow your business and save money as you receive support. The Wellness Professionals Resource Guide is a comprehensive guide of over 30 categories with clickable links to the best resources for wellness professionals including:

• virtual assistants
• graphic designers
• copywriters
• website designers
• audio/teleconference recording
• merchant accounts
• and many more wellness professional resources.


Done-for-you Content in our Health & Wellness Library

IAWP Members enjoy access to our Health &Wellness Library including articles, client handouts, newsletters and resources you can use in your own practice with your clients. With a whole year of monthly articles and content, providing your clients value and staying in touch will be easy with these done-for-you resources.



Use of Member Logo – As an IAWP Member, you’ll receive a Member Logo to post on your website or in marketing materials, adding to your biography and your credibility.

Listing in the IAWP “Find a Wellness Professional” Online Directory

You’ll create your own professional profile listing with photo, website and company information. Your listing will be posted in our online directory so potential clients and organizations can find you and connect with your services.

Marketing Opportunities for Your Business

• Referrals – Through our Professional Directory Listing.

• Event Listings – Share your upcoming events, workshops, or programs in our Members’ Only Forum. (see below to get access)

• Member Spotlight – You’ll also have the chance to be a Featured Member in our Member Spotlight, highlighting you, your business and your website! We’ll randomly choose members from the Directory to feature. Or, if you’re eager to be featured, please email [email protected] and let us know!


Connection & Collaboration

Having like-minded professionals to connect with is essential to your success. Network with other IAWP Members through our private, Members-Only Facebook group and make lasting connections and partnerships.


Eligibility to Become an IAWP Certified Wellness Coach

CWCSealAs an IAWP Member, you’re eligible to participate in The IAWP Wellness Coach Certification and Training Program and receive national and international accreditation as a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, plus gain a world-class training in coaching, health and wellness and holistic business.


Member Discounts & Bonus Resources

As an IAWP Member, you’ll receive 10% off IAWP products and programs! Our holistic business support programs include both beginner and advanced group and personal coaching programs. You’ll also have the chance to experience high-level support bonuses and special resources provided by our Faculty members for IAWP Members only.


Sharla Jacobs“Every successful holistic practitioner needs a mentor who can guide them.”

“As a million dollar coach to holistic practitioners, I know what it takes to create a business that is authentically aligned with your work and also makes the kind of money to support your lifestyle. It’s not something you want to do alone … every successful holistic practitioner needs a mentor who can guide them. And Suzanne Monroe is that perfect mentor for wellness professionals because she’s actually achieved everything she teaches. Suzanne is creating a huge shift for holistic professionals so they can finally leave struggle behind and step into creating the income they deserve.”

Sharla Jacobs

Award-Winning Million Dollar Coach

Co-Founder of Thrive Academy


Plus, join us today and receive these limited-time-only New Member Bonuses ….

The Client Attraction Toolkit

Are you wondering where your next client is coming from? You’re not alone, most holistic professionals struggle with how to find their ideal clients. When you join today as a member, you’ll get The Client Attraction Toolkit which will build your confidence in attracting perfect-for-you clients right away. You’ll learn how to find clients, what to say and how to Become the Go-To Expert in your Field and have your ideal clients lining up to work with you. Here’s what’s included in this amazing bonus:

• 10 Steps to Attract Your Ideal Clients audio training
• How to Attract High Paying Clients audio training
• Client Attraction Secrets audio training
• Discover Session Secrets audio training – Exactly what to say to clients to turn “I need to think about it” or “I can’t afford it” into “Let’s get started!”
• The Know Your Niche Blueprint
• The Authentic Selling Template

*Note: this toolkit contains downloadable, digital files available immediately after you register for membership

Value: $997


bonusproduct-300x205VIP Access to Conscious Biz T.V.

Conscious Biz T.V. is an online video training event featuring 18 extraordinary entrepreneurs that will inspire you and support you to touch more lives and make a deeper contribution to the world. You’ll learn the truth about what it really takes to build a Conscious Business while staying in alignment with your purpose. Conscious Biz T.V. is a holistic success roadmap for your entrepreneurial journey. You’ll gain immediate access to the entire Season Premiere including streaming and downloadable videos, mp3 audios, the Conscious Biz T.V. Guidebook and Checklists that you can add to your business library to support you for years to come.

Value $497



Become an IAWP Member Today!

Join the IAWP NOW and Receive BONUS GIFTS,
The Client Attraction Toolkit
Your VIP Pass to Conscious Biz T.V.(Value $1400)


Patti BartschI knew the IAWP would help me to take my business to the next level… and my expectations were surpassed!

“In one call, I narrowed my niche and sharpened my focus. I knew the IAWP would help me to take my business to the next level… and my expectations were surpassed. What I like most about the IAWP is that I’m constantly moving my business and my programs forward. I highly recommend that wellness professionals join the IAWP … It’s the perfect combination of coaching and networking for wellness professionals!”

Patti Bartsch,

Holistic Life & Wellness Coach



MichelleBersell_tn“Clients are now saying ‘Yes!’”

“My business has truly grown to the next level! I’ve learned how to successfully market my services to clients who now say “yes”, how to create program launches and grow my list, and how to create virtual products that support me to help people all over the world!”

Michelle Bersell

Life Coach & Author

Creator of the F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Program


Kris Ward“If you want to monetize your passions as a holistic practitioner, then don’t pass up the chance to spend as much time with Suzanne and the IAWP as you can!”

“Creating abundance as a holistic practitioner doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a combination of many factors that are best developed when you have the right coach or mentor. As a Lifestyle Design Consultant for “Yoga-preneurs”, I’ve seen how holistic practitioners struggle without guidance and the right tools. The IAWP will guide you in stepping into your true potential as a wellness professional.”

Kris Ward

Yogapreneur & Lifestyle Design Consultant

Owner Abundant Yogi & Trikaya Yoga


Become an IAWP Member Today!

Join the IAWP NOW and Receive BONUS GIFTS,
The Client Attraction Toolkit
& Your VIP Pass to Conscious Biz T.V.
(Value $1400)


We Guarantee You’ll Love Your IAWP Membership!

If you are not completely satisfied with you membership for any reason, you may contact us within 10 days of your enrollment for a full refund, no questions asked.


EdieSummers“I now have a real game plan and clients, with dozens more potential clients interested!”

“When I started my wellness coaching practice, I was not used to finding clients on my own, as I used to work for large corporations. I found myself hitting a wall in terms of my business skills…..Suzanne and the IAWP are the real deal. There is so much information to learn from and wisdom to be gained backed by hard won, real world experience. I have learned so much … I now have a real game plan and clients, with dozens more potential clients interested! I know exactly what I need to do next. Just as our clients need us for support on their journey, why walk through unfamiliar territory when you can have a guide to show you the way? Holistic business coaching works. I am proof. Success is inevitable.”

Edie Summers

Certified Wellness Coach


Michele Gould“I’m so happy I invested in myself…I can already see the huge impact it has made!”

“Before I found the IAWP, I was struggling with finding clients, pricing my services and with my overall business plan. The IAWP taught me how to actually find and connect with clients who want to pay for my services…with a step-by-step plan to follow that generates income doing the work I love. I am so happy that I invested in myself…I can already see the huge impact it has made on my business!”

Michele Gould

Nutritionist & Founder,

Let’s Gets You Healthy


Duvon Harper“Before working with Suzanne and the IAWP, I was stuck in overwhelm about my business…and I was giving away my work for free!”

“Before working with Suzanne and the IAWP, I was stuck in overwhelm about my business. I had few clients and worse yet, I was giving away my work for free! I had a major a-ha moment when Suzanne showed me that I wasn’t valuing myself, my time or my work because I felt sorry for my potential clients rather than holding them powerful. Together we worked together to create an action plan so I could sign up new clients with ease and confidence. I’m so happy to be supported by the IAWP Community.”

Duvon Harper,



Lisa Porad“Before working with Suzanne, I felt stuck in my business as an acupuncturist…”

“Before working with Suzanne, I felt stuck in my business as an acupuncturist. I was in “waiting” mode, waiting for people to find me, which was limiting. I didn’t want to be seen as pushy or inauthentic, yet I truly wanted to help people. Suzanne’s authentic message resonated with me and I was able to stretch myself and my vision of my business to the next level. I’m not waiting around anymore! Instead, I am sharing my message and building a practice filled with my ideal clients.

Lisa Porad, Acupuncturist

Become an IAWP Member Today!

Join the IAWP NOW and Receive BONUS GIFTS,
The Client Attraction Toolkit
Your VIP Pass to Conscious Biz T.V.(Value $1400)


I look forward to meeting you as an IAWP Member! We’re here to support you in growing your holistic business and making a big impact, so let’s get started! See you on the inside….

Health, Love and Success,

Suzanne Monroe

Founder & CEO, The International Association of Wellness Professionals

Holistic Business Coach & Heart-Based Marketing Mentor

Important Information about your Membership

Two-pay option membership dues are processed 30 days apart. Memberships expire one year from enrollment and can be renewed per your request. We will send you an email two weeks before your renewal to remind you and you can choose to renew or cancel at that time. Please note: Your credit card statement and receipt will show “Intelligent Health Group, LLC” as the payee.

Legal Disclaimer:
The International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) is a division of Intelligent Health Group, LLC. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the IAWP’s programs and benefits. Results shared on this website are believed to be accurate but not intended to guarantee anyone’s personal results.

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