November News

Are you okay? I hope this newsletter finds you safe and well after the stormy events of the previous week. If you’re one of our East Coast community members, please know we’ve been thinking of you and sending you lots of love! It’s times like these that I find myself remembering what really matters in my life. Family, Friends, Health, Following my Passion and Serving my Community (that’s you!) all top the list. I had a fun Halloween this year with Luca (now 18 months old!) who sported a Giraffe costume. I pulled out my annual witch hat and I go from “bad witch” to “good witch”, depending on my mood! As November arrives, there’s that “countdown” feeling till the end of the year. Are you celebrating all the success you’ve had this year? Do you have goals for your business that you still want to reach this year? Or do you feel somewhat defeated knowing there’s only 8 weeks left and not sure how to make it happen? No matter where you sit right now, there’s still time to make a difference with your work and in your own life. This week I’m sharing 3 simple steps you can implement now to create a referral system in your business. Plus, you should know I’m have 3 VIP Coaching spots open where you can personally coach with me to get your plan in place for an amazing 2013. It’s by application only and you can fill out your form here to get started.

Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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