No One Wants to Buy your Stuff

I want to let you in on a little known secret about your holistic business. Here it is:

No one wants to buy your stuff.


I know, sounds scary, but it’s true.

In fact I recently made a bold claim on my last teleseminar (which you can still listen to here: and here’s what I said:

“People don’t frickin’ care about your stuff or your services!”

What am I saying?!

Your clients don’t care what you do, which means….

Your clients don’t care about coaching
Your clients don’t care about massage
Your clients don’t care about reiki
Your clients don’t care about acupuncture
Your clients don’t care about nutrition

Getting what I’m about to tell you will really help you out….

Your potential clients aren’t interested in your stuff, and by that I mean, they’re not interested in “what you do” or your modality. When they decide to work with you, it’s not because they want coaching or massage or nutrition or acupuncture….or whatever your “stuff” is.

What do they actually want then?

They want a SOLUTION to their problem.

What your potential clients care about is a solution to their problem. Think of how your client might search for your help on google. If you’re an acupuncturist – they might type in “how to stop back pain”…rather than “acupuncture”. Or if you’re a nutritionist they might search “how to lose belly fat” rather than “nutritionist who has a whole foods approach”. Follow me?

One of my favorite quotes is “In order to be successful, you have to first want to make other people successful…Fall in love with other people and what you’re doing for them.”

So how can you help others be successful and reach their biggest desires and solve their biggest challenges?

You must start by reframing what it is you DO into what it is you SOLVE for people.

Follow these 3 Steps to Start Speaking Your Clients Language:

Step 1- Think Like Your Client
Identify what your client is actually thinking about when it comes to your help:

What is my clients biggest challenge?
What is my clients biggest fear?
What is my clients biggest desire?

An example could be: My client’s biggest challenge is that they can’t figure out how to lose those last ten pounds of belly fat that they put on. They fear that they won’t be sexy anymore to their spouse and that they’ll just keep getting bigger. Their biggest desire is to feel and look good in skinny jeans, without the muffin top!

Step 2 -Focus on Results
Now that you’re thinking like your client, consider how what you do actually helps solve those challenges, eliminate those fears and helps them reach their biggest desire? Then speak in terms of the Results not the Features of your work.

For example, if you’re a health coach, start talking about you do in terms of what your potential client wants to achieve. So at your next networking event, when asked what you do, don’t answer “I’m a health coach”, instead share how you help a certain group of people solve their biggest problem.

“I help working moms in their 30s get rid of belly fat and feel sexy again so they can reignite their relationship with their spouse.”

Or when explaining your program to a potential client, don’t focus on the “What” of the program, like the number of sessions they’ll receive, rather focus on the Results they’ll receive working with you. For example,

In my “10 Weeks to 10 pounds lighter” program you’ll learn:
*How to Kick your sugar habit in 30 days or less so you can finally get rid of those pesky afternoon cravings
*The #1 thing you must do each day to feel 10 years younger
*The 3 foods you should include each week for natural, simple weight loss
*How to feel completely relaxed at work with a 2 minute exercise you can take with you anywhere

See where we’re going here? Now try it out!

Step 3, Create the Solution:

Not only do your clients want results, they want the results to come in a nicely packaged box handed over to them with a pretty bow. They want it to be simple and do-able and they want to get fast results. And the way that most people want to be helped, regardless of what you are helping them solve, is with a step by step system. A system makes it easy to follow and shows them the way to the results they are seeking.

Let’s just take an example. What would be more helpful for your client if you were a holistic nutritionist. To say: “Eat more vegetables.” Or To say, “Eat 1 serving of green vegetables everyday and 1 serving or orange vegetable every other day.”

You’ll see that the second recommendation is giving them some steps to follow rather than just a general recommendation. People want steps, they want a roadmap. In their busy lives and overwhelm, the reason they’re seeking a solution is not because they can’t find one themselves, it’s because they don’t have time or energy to do so….and they want you to show them the way.

Your clients just want to know: will this be simple to do and will I be able to solve my problem? And when they see a clear, hand holding system that will give them results, they feel confident that they can do it and solve their problem, so confident that this is what they need that they are ready to say “Yes!” to working with you!

If you don’t feel like you have a system, start by taking all that you know and have to share with your clients and putting it into simple steps that anyone could follow.

By following these 3 steps, clients will be begging to sign up with you!

Remember, you can’t help your clients by selling your “stuff”. The reason is, they aren’t thinking about your stuff. They’re thinking about THEIR stuff. All of their challenges, fears, dilemnas and desires and how they can solve them as soon as possible.

So you need to meet them where they are.

When you do….They’ll hear you. They’ll get what you’re saying. They’ll connect. They’ll sign up. They’ll say yes. They’ll be really excited to have found YOU!

Now that you’re thinking like your client, focusing on results and creating solutions, consider what it would mean to you to help solve problems and create BIG RESULTS for Five new clients. Besides an extra 5K, 10K or more to your bank account, it would mean that you’re finally taking all of your knowledge and finally figuring out how to help people. If you want to learn a step-by-step client attraction system to help you gain the confidence is sharing your solution and attracting new clients now, then go here:

And be sure to let me know how you’re being the Solution for your clients by posting your comments below!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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