My Money Story and uncovering yours

I was recently interviewed by my friend Christina Morassi for her fabulous event, Uproar. Here we are having an all-out dance party at the end!


One question Christina asked me was about my relationship with money and how it’s been a part of building my business and creating success. Which made me want to share more about my own personal money story with you.  I think everyone has a money story within them. And even if you’ve never had concerns about money, once you step into owning your own business, money likes to take a front seat. There’s something about owning your own business that allows your buttons to be pushed, even those you never new were buttons before.

Part of following your passion and being in business is about making money. But what I hear a lot from Holistic practitioners and coaches is this: 

“I’m following my passion and helping people, but I’m not in it for the money.“ 

The problem with this statement is it’s like throwing the “baby out with the bath water”, denying that money actually is a part of serving others and following your passion.  Most holistic-preneurs aren’t in business to make money, but you have to realize you won’t be in business if you don’t make money. You’ll just have a hobby. And with a hobby, you won’t help very many people. I know your goal is to truly serve and help a lot of people with your message.

The truth is, abundance has everything to do with serving others. And money is a part of abundance.

It took a few things to shake me up to get this…. a long time I did what I call “Ignoring Money”. While I knew I needed money to survive and stay in business, I also didn’t want to give it too much energy.  So instead of focusing on it, I ignored it.  Just some of the things I did to ignore money were:

  • Handing over all of my financials to an accountant and keeping my fingers crossed until tax time
  • Outsourcing all go my bill-paying to my bookkeeper (as long as there was money in my account to pay the bills, I didn’t pay attention.)
  • Giving away my services for free or not charging enough (because helping people was more important that making money)

It turns out, there’s a BIG problem with ignoring money.  You start to lose track of money all together. And you don’t improve your odds of attracting it.

When I ignored money, things got sticky….

  • When I handed everything over to someone else to handle, I had no idea how I was making money and spending it in my business, so I wasn’t clear on what was working and what wasn’t working. (leaving me lost about how my business actually worked.)
  • My bookkeeper sometimes paid the bills late and I didn’t realize it (so I got stuck with late fees which wasn’t fun.)
  • When I gave away my services or didn’t charge enough, I stayed stuck in a broken business model which almost led me to quitting and having to go back and get a real job. (My biggest nightmare).
  • And worst of all, when I ignored money I wasn’t able to serve as many people (something most holistic practitioners and coaches overlook about money.)

But one day I woke up. It was really was an awakening for me…I realized that by ignoring money I was acting as if money didn’t matter. And if money doesn’t matter to you, then it doesn’t want to hang out with you.  I love how my friend Morgana Rae refers to money as your “Money Honey” and how when you personalize your relationship with money you start to see very clearly how it’s working in your life. If you money was a man or woman you loved, would you ignore him or her? Right.

The big question was: Why was I ignoring money and acting as if it didn’t matter?

If you’re having a lightbulb moment and noticing that you’re doing the same thing in your own life, then I’m going to encourage you to take a close look at the answer to that question for yourself. It’s different for everyone.

For me, I had to dive in deep and start sorting out the clutter in my subconscious mind.

It wasn’t fun at first, that’s for sure. In fact, it was quite painful. But then things started to come clear.

Here’s what I discovered – (truth-telling moment….)

Somewhere deep inside me I didn’t believe that you could follow your passion and make money at the same time. I believed from my own experiences in life that they were two separate things. I didn’t have any examples of people around me that were doing what they loved + making money. Plus, like most of us living in this world, money usually seemed to go with the “bad” guys rather than the “good” guys. And in my case, I desperately wanted to be the “good girl”.

I did a lot of things to “be good” (more on that later perhaps). As it related to money and work, I wanted to do good in the world and that meant not making money.

Until I uncovered this old belief and saw it for what is was, how it got there and where it needed to go….into the toilet! It was an old belief that didn’t serve me yet I was hanging on to it.

Here’s what happened once I got clear about my own truth with money….

*I took money back into my hands and got to know it.
*I honored what was coming in and going out.
*I got clear on what was working and what wasn’t working.
*I got very clear on how much money I needed to make and how I was going to do it, instead of just keeping my fingers crossed. Which meant I got very clear on how I could serve others.
*I started charging for the value I was giving, rather than giving away things for less.

When I did all these things, the biggest gifts came along. I was able to help more people than I ever thought possible. I’ve also been able to give away thousands of dollars of my products and services to people who needed financial help, not from a place of lack, but from a place of abundance.

I’m so glad I’m friends with money. And I hope you can be, too!

Thanks for letting me share my money story with you! I’d love to hear your money story, too, so leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond.

Love, Health and Success,

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