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Suzanne Monroe
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51 thoughts on “Mindful Marketing Tip 1

  1. Jen Pascoe

    I so appreciated this! Thank you! Active marketing – finally, someone helping us holistic healthcare providers to be empowered to push our businesses forward.

  2. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Daria – Thanks and please feel free to forward onto any practitioner you know who this might serve! Thriving Together, Suzanne

  3. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Jen, Thanks for your comments and glad this was helpful. Stay tuned for more tips during Mindful Marketing March!

  4. Noel Jensen

    Great information. I’m focusing on the Public Speaking Platform. Where I’m struggling right now is defining my ideal client. There are so many sick people. Regardless, thanks for sharing this!

  5. Colleen

    Thanks, Suzanne! I have finally found a place where I know I can come to and get the information, motivation and true understanding that I’ve been searching for. Thank you so much for doing what you do!!

  6. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Colleen! Welcome to the IAWP Community and I’m so glad you’ve found a home here! -Suzanne

  7. Kavisha

    Thank you so much for this Suzanne!

    I’m a wellness coach all the way from Perth Australia. I’m looking to start up my own business in the near future. I’m loving all the information you are providing 🙂

  8. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Kavisha, Thanks for posting and welcome to the IAWP community! Keep us posted on your journey to getting started as a Wellness Coach!

  9. Cyril

    Thanks for the reminder about focus. As a brand new practitioner I find myself wanting to do “everything”, particularly in the social media area. My strengths are my speaking skills and my ability to connect with people quickly. Seems like the place to start. Thanks again.

  10. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Cyril, Thanks for posting and sharing your strengths. Focus in on those and keep us posted on what happens for you! xo Suzanne

  11. Helen D. Wix

    Hi Suzanne, Thank you for this wonderful information. This week I contacted several Lions Clubs in my local area to make arrangements to speak after realizing that I need to market locally. I appreciate the work you do. I wish you continued success!

  12. Suzanne Post author

    Thanks Helen! That’s great you are looking to share your message locally. Be sure to focus in on a niche and determine where they are in your local community. Keep us posted!

  13. Suzanne Post author

    That’s great Diane! Share your video with us when it’s up! – Suzanne

  14. Suzanne Post author

    THanks for posting Diane! Keep us posted on your success! – Suzanne Monroe

  15. Samantha

    Definitely working with these great tips presently and the problem I am solving with my yoga and fitness business is giving women an opportunity to LOVE working out and LOVE their bodies! I share infectious joy and exuberant energy for these practices that shape our mental and emotional bodies as well as our physical physique.

  16. Suzanne Post author

    That’s great Samantha! Keep us posted on your success! -Health, Love and Success, Suzanne Monroe

  17. MJdatabase

    Thank you so very much. I am looking forward to bite size pieces like this first video to help me through the huge “you have to do A-Z, right NOW!” I plan to enhance my dialogue and lead the conversation on my blog as a precursor to a newsletter (need to get that email list). I am also initiating many connections on LinkIn with the ‘ideal clients’.

    I am so excited to join the amazing group of holistic providers whom I have admired for many, many years. My seemingly small contribution of searchable healing frequency codes shouldn’t have to remain small in the future with help like yours.

  18. Vatsala

    When I started out, I focused on my blog to send out my message with a monthly newsletter full of resources which still works very well. I know where my ideal client hangs out for information & advice and focus on that particular social media to broadcast my message. As Covey would say, I’m being proactive. 🙂 Thanks for the validation, Suzanne.

  19. Nancy

    This was refreshing, straight forward, to the point, and short. Loved it!!! I would like to put together a talk on how to live to your full potential. Show up as your best self! I feel very connected to this and the positive energy everyone possesses if they would tap into it.

  20. susan

    Thanks Suzanne. Very insightful. My medium that I have been wanting to use is to create a group on FB and invite my current clients and any curious friends to join me in discovering health and nutrition in relation to dreaming! another words. getting healthy both physically and emotionally and spiritually. doing what you love or another way of saying that, finding work that matters! I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for the encouragement!

  21. Suzie

    Hi Suzanne,
    I am so grateful to have found you through the Coaches Console and thank you for the recent teleseminar. I have been following my passion of health and fitness one-on-one coaching for a few years on my own and just got started with the Coaches Console system recently, I love it!! I am really enjoying your valuable information and loved this video. I’ve been thinking about creating a community page on FB for anyone to join to get support, encouragement, ask questions, anything, just be there to interact. Thank you so much for the video, I’m going to get started on this platform. I look forward to your upcoming videos 🙂

  22. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Suzie, Great to have you here with the IAWP Community! I’m so glad you enjoyed the program and our delving into the video training. Keep us posted on your success! Love, Health & Success, Suzanne

  23. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Susan, Thanks for sharing the action you are taking and how you are supporting people with work that matters! I’m curious how you are inviting your friends to join you to discover your work from FB and what steps you have built in your process? Keep us posted! Love, Health & Success, Suzanne

  24. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Nancy, I love that you are thinking about putting together a talk! What a great way to share your message with those who need it. Keep us posted on getting your talk together and if you need support, reach out to Jacki at [email protected] to learn about how we support IAWP Members with their Signature Talk and Signature Program. Love, Health and Success, Suzanne

  25. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Vatsala, That’s great! It sounds like social media is a great tool for you. Now you can use social media to gently move people to your blog and continue growing the relationship from there. Love, Health and Success, Suzanne

  26. Marrietta Grant-Silvera

    Terrific! I love public speaking. I plan to get back into that but I recently moved far away from my sphere of influence and it will take a little time to get involved in that again. In the meantime, I plan to start with newsletters and write small books for sale and their PDF version as gifts

  27. Suzanne Post author

    That’s great Marrietta! Keep us posted on how your public speaking and writing goes! Suzanne

  28. Phillip Wajda

    Moratorium. I like this. I do feel myself getting overwhelmed with all of the marketing opportunities that we have available to us today. Will work on building a “platform”. Thank you thank you…

  29. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Phillip, So glad you liked this post and are getting to work on building your platform. Keep up posted how it’s going! -Suzanne Monroe

  30. Marco Zolow, Ph.D.

    Hi Suzanne,

    I was pleased to watch your video and find affirmation in the activities that I am engaged in. I put together a WordPress blog over the last year and went live this past February 2014. Then I decided to publish my posts to the LinkedIn site. And then it dawned on my to share the posts in LinkedIn to the groups that I have joined that have members who are interested in the topics that I am writing about. So far I am thrilled with the increased visibility that I am experiencing. I did not have the language “platform” in my vocabulary before watching your video. I can see that you have a lot to contribute and I will learn much from you. I will definitely look closely at membership in the IAWP. Once I start building income through my consulting, I would think membership in the association would be a wise investment. Thanks for being there and offering your support.


  31. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Marco, Glad to hear the video was helpful for you! It sounds like you are off to a great start. We’d love to have you join at the IAWP ! Our mission is to help you get jumpstarted with your business faster that what you could do by yourself. I think you’d really enjoy our open Q&A calls where you can ask any questions you want on your business. Hope to see you inside soon! -Suzanne http://www.iawpconnect.com/join

  32. Laura Dankof, MSN, ARNP

    Thanks for sharing this video. I have watched many about finding your niche. Identifying my platform resonates with me as the message I share. Communicating that in an effective way and how it can help serve others is the challenge and a work in progress. Thanks.

  33. Samantha Duri

    Hi Suzanne

    My online services through Skype and chat is my platform. Wanting to branch into corporate sessions and/or private sessions for executives and their staff for well being

  34. Amunoo

    This is so helpful.. thank you very much for sharing. Is there anyway I can share this video on my wellness page?

  35. Suzanne Post author

    Hello Amunoo, Thank you and glad you enjoyed this video! You can share anything on our site as long as you provide the following information:

    Want to use this article in your ezine, newsletter or website?
    You’re welcome to share this article as long as you include the following, complete blurb with it:
    Are you a wellness professional, holistic health practitioner, coach or other health-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur who wants to learn the business and marketing tools to create lasting success? Get your FREE Wellness Professional’s Success Starter Kit at http://www.iawp-connect.com and jumpstart your wellness practice today. Suzanne Monroe is a Heart-Based Business Mentor and the Founder & CEO of the International Association of Wellness Professionals, where she has given away over $100,000 in scholarships to holistic practitioners and coaches to create thriving businesses through the IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification Program.

    If you need help, please email us at [email protected]

    Thank you!

  36. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Samantha – Thanks for sharing and that’s great! Keep us posted on your success. -Suzanne Monroe

  37. TRISH

    Thank you – very motivating and also confirmed things that I was thinking already. This is very much appreciated.

  38. Laura Dankof, MSN, ARNP

    Update on my platform and message. I am going to be speaking to about 130 women about “Hormonal Roller Coaster: Discover the 3 Key Factors You Need to Know to Reclaim Hormone Balance”. This will be a good test with my message. From there my long range goal is to offer as online course and webinar.

  39. Chandra Ellington

    Thanks Suzanne for the tip – it gives me something to start thinking about. I enjoy helping people and learning how to take better care of my body. I work full-time doing administrative work and have a part-time business sharing information about products that are safer for the environment, ourselves and our families. I’m interested in being a wellness coach full-time and having wellness workshops. I’m going to continue to watch your video tips.

  40. Donna Harmon

    Thank you, Suzanne. as a new health coach and working to draw in clients, I have already had two speaking engagements. I have another one I am planning on doing. so far I have not gained any client, though I hope to build that up soon. I look forward to the other tips that you have. it is important to have this as a free service.

  41. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Donna, Thanks for sharing. The most effective way to find new clients through speaking engagements is to offer a complimentary Discovery session to participants after the event. Then you can speak to people personally about their goals and provide your solution if it’s a fit. Keep us posted on your success!

    Love, Health & Success,
    Suzanne Monroe

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