Mindful Marketing During the Holidays

There’s no doubt about it – the last few weeks of the year are the biggest for businesses across almost ALL industries. People are spending money on gifts, on food, and anything holiday party related… and big box stores and chains are creating insane amounts of noise to ensure they get a piece of the pie.

And all that noise plus an optimistic economic outlook is working – recent reports are showing that holiday spending is already up 12% from 2011.

How can you – the heart-centered entrepreneur – join in the holiday fun & boost your biz during the holidays WITHOUT feeling like you’re underselling yourself & your biz?

1. Be STRATEGIC with your discounts & special offers.

The truth is – the minute you attempt to compete with others only on PRICE, you’re asking for bargain hunters and coupon clippers. In other words – people who will ONLY visit your business if they get a deal. If you’re goal is to be known for high-quality, high-service, high-end service & programs, people will expect that comes at a premium. Offering too many discounts will dilute that – I recommend no more than 1 discount type promotion a season.

Holiday Plan

Offer discounts/special offers for a limited time and even limited quantity. By letting people know that the discount will only be available during a specific time period and that there is a limited quantity, people will feel a sense of urgency to take action NOW and not miss out! This works especially well when you position the special as an exclusive client only offer.

Want to encourage word of mouth & referrals for your business? Encourage your existing clients to purchase holiday gift certificates for their friends & family. Gift certificates are often a fantastic revenue stream during the holidays. Because the redemption rate of gift certificates are often only about 80%, you can offer gift certificates for a discount on their redeemable value ($25 gift certificate for $20) without losing any income. It’s a win-win! Your clients feel that they scored a great deal on a gift and you won’t lose money on the discounted price.

Create special holiday-only packages! Completely avoid the focus on discounts by creating special packages that you don’t offer the rest of the year. Are you a yoga teacher? Create a holiday yoga package of 5 private yoga classes + a yoga mat + super soft t-shirt with your logo. Are you a wellness coach? Bundle your 1×1 sessions + your favorite essential oils + a copy of your favorite cookbook. Make sure these packages are beautifully wrapped and ready for gifting!

2. Build and nurture relationships with your community! When you’re a heart-centered entrepreneurs, your clients feel like family. This is a great time of year to reinforce that you’re more than just a business – you’re a hub, a gathering place, a connector for like-minded souls.

Holiday Plan – Consider hosting a client appreciation event! It could be an open house, a holiday party, or even a virtual event (one of my favorite clients is planning a online holiday yoga class). Client appreciation events are all about give-give-get. It’s about expressing appreciation. This isn’t a time to “pitch” anything – but it’s a great time to instill goodwill with small gifts, giveaways, or doorprizes. Want to kick it up a notch? Partner with a non-profit for the event (everyone bring a can of food or an unwrapped toy for donation).

Looking to attract new clients? This is a fantastic time to invite your current clients to bring a friend or co-host an event with a like-minded entrepreneur to get introductions to new people and expand your community. Provide an opportunity for people to get a sample of what it’s like to work with you — in a fun, no pressure, way. Maybe it’s a special bring a friend for free event! Maybe it’s a special holiday themed workshop. Make sure you’re collecting contact info (EMAILS!) so you can follow up with new people.

3. Be the voice of calm! For so many, the holidays are a time of insanity. Juggling family obligations. Getting all the shopping done. Attempting to keep everyone happy. As healing & helping entrepreneurs, we have a unique opportunity to help others remember the importance of slowing down & taking even a moment to find inner peace.

Holiday Plan – How can you help your community slow down and ENJOY more of the holidays? A special series of inspirational emails? Healthy holiday recipies? Tips on enjoying the holidays with their kids (no toys needed)?

Keep things short and sweet. No need to bombard your community with a novel about the importance of mindfulness during the holidays. Think bite size nuggets of inspiration.

Remember that mindful marketing is about both attracting community and clients — and NURTURING them!

Inspired by her passion for yoga and conscious living, Racheal Cook founded The Yogipreneur in 2008 to bring her 10+ years of business and marketing strategy expertise to the yoga & conscious business community. As a conscious business consultant and coach, Racheal has worked with thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs to find ease and abundance by stepping into their zone of genius and bring their brilliance to the world. Become a Yogipreneur Insider for free weekly conscious business advice at www.theyogipreneur.com.

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