Kick Off Call!

Join us for the Opening Ceremonies of The Holistic Entrepreneur’s Authentic Business Summit!

Featured Speaker Lisa Sasevich joins Suzanne Monroe to give you a Sneak Peek at what you’ll learn in The Holistic Entrepreneur’s Authentic Business Summit. We’ll give you an exclusive preview on the results you’ll achieve in your business and your life as a participant. We’ll also show you how to make the most of this Virtual event.

Plus! Suzanne and Lisa are sharing some inspiring, funny and personal stories about our speakers you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

Listen to the Kick Off Call now for what is the business-boosting, motivating event of the year for Holistic Entrepreneurs! Just click on the player below to listen in online.

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The Wellness Coach Career Kit contains:
  • * The IAWP Course Catalog
  • * The Wellness Coach Career Quiz
  • * The Healthy Lifestyle Wheel
  • * Interactive tools to help you learn what it’s like to be a Wellness Coach

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