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Are you Looking for Health and Wellness Articles & Resources to Use in Your Own Practice?

We know you love to educate your clients and yourself on the latest in health and wellness. That’s why we provide a library of health and wellness articles for you to expand your knowledge or share with your clients. As an IAWP Member, you can use any of our health and wellness articles on your own website, in your own newsletters or in your practice.

Did You Remember to Add “Business 101” to Your Training and Education?

Most wellness professionals go to great lengths to achieve their training or certifications and have extensive knowledge in their field of expertise. But what most holistic health professionals forget is to add business education to their training. And for some wellness professionals who do have a business background, they realize that traditional business education is very different from being an entrepreneur.

It’s not until you are knee-deep in overwhelm that you wonder when learning how to manage a business as an entrepreneur was supposed to fit into the picture. But no need to worry, you’ve found the IAWP and we’re here to get you up to speed in no time.

As an IAWP Member, you have access to business education and entrepreneurial resources, designed specifically for the wellness professionals who wants to create a thriving business. While staying current in your field is important, getting clear on your business direction is essential.

You’ll love our business training seminars, informative articles, interviews, audios and videos that show you how to create your successful wellness business. You’ll learn from our team of wellness professionals, business experts and leaders so you can stay current, motivated and moving forward toward your goals.

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