Is your Money Mindset holding you back from your dream job?

MA-12-5-13Do you think the economy is doing “bad”? It’s a topic of conversation that brings up a variety of responses. Recently I was talking with some friends and I noticed that everyone had a different opinion on how the economy was doing. One person said it had hit rock bottom and was on the way back up, another felt that it was going to get worse before it was going to get better, and a third person felt it was doing well and had bounced back already. I realized that I was the only person that really had no opinion about the “world” economy because I only focus on what I call “my economy”.
My economy has performed better than ever during times that the people say the world economy is suffering. And I’m not alone. Many of my colleagues, fellow entrepreneurs and our IAWP Wellness Coach graduates will tell you that they, too, have had their best years ever. You might be wondering why that is.
Here’s why…
No matter the situation of world markets, I truly believe that we all create our own economy. And the way we do this is through our own thoughts and belief systems and the action we take in this world on a daily basis based on those thoughts and belief systems.
Let’s take a closer look at this….
If your belief about the economy is that it is bad and you feel like a victim to your finances, then you will most likely experience more of that in your financial life. On the flip side, if you believe that opportunity is everywhere and focus on all of the possibilities that are out there, then you will most likely experience more abundance. The reason is, and it’s not just the “law of attraction” here, it’s really much more simple that that: If you aren’t open for opportunities, you won’t see them. If you are open for opportunities, you will see them and go after them. You’ll choose to grow, expand and succeed in life and continue to attract more opportunities to match up with your beliefs.
I talk to both established wellness professionals and people who want to become wellness coaches and professionals often. And I’ve noticed that there are usually two distinct mindsets, one of “Opportunity Open!” the other of “What Opportunity?” . Those that truly want to make a difference, have a big impact and learn how to create success are “opportunity open”….and they get on the fast track to experiencing their own successful economy. Those that are bombarded by the world’s economy and stuck in their own financial woes and worries about an unknown future, usually remain frozen and waiting for someone else to relieve them.
You might not believe this, but the difference in these two mindsets is never in how much money each person has. In fact, sometimes the person who says “yes” to opportunities has less money. Instead, it’s in how they perceive themselves in this world and what vision they have to get from wherever they are now to where they want to be.
Ask yourself right now which person you are and which person you want to become? Because it’s really as simple as making a choice. You can choose now to create your own economy.And when you do, you’ll move faster toward your ideal, whether its a new career or a more thriving business.
I share this with you because I know what’s possible for you. We all have the power to embrace life, take opportunity by the hand and create our own economies and live the life that we truly want to.
When you embrace the “Opportunity Open!” mindset, you get to:

  • Create your own thriving economy
  • Be free from worry
  • Live in your power
  • Take risks knowing your are supported
  • Attract more clients and business growth
  • Do what you love
  • Experience more joy

By the way, it’s not too late to create your own economy and follow your passion in our Wellness Coach Certification & Training Program. We have a few Scholarships left to support you in making this empowered decision, but make sure to contact us right away at info at or click here to schedule your appointment now.

Love, Health and Success,


Suzanne Monroe is the Founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals and Director of the IAWP’s Wellness Coach Certification & Training Program. The IAWP has given away over $100,000 in scholarships to support people who are passionate about health and wellness. If you’re interested in learning more about a career as a Wellness Coach, you can chat with an Admissions Advisor by scheduling your appointment here.


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