Independence Day Incentives for Holistic Business Owners

There’s really nothing that makes me more excited than people who take the leap in following their
their hearts to create the path that speaks to them. To me, it’s all about freedom, following your passion
and designing your life, while inspiring people along the way.

In honor of Celebrating Freedom, I want to share TWO “Independence Incentives” with you, available
through July 5th!

*Independence Incentive #1 –

$500 Scholarship for 5 new Wellness Coach Students

The next 5 students to apply and be accepted into the IAWP Wellness Coach Certification Program will
receive a $500 scholarship through July 5th. Start your journey into the wellness field or uplevel
your current practice by becoming a Certified Wellness Coach & Get Real Plan Leader in your community.
Learn more and Download your Course Catalog here:

To apply, please contact us before July 5th to request your application.

Here’s what one of our students recently said:
“The IAWP Wellness Coach Training is the best program I’ve come across. If you want to become educated not only as a wellness coach but also become a successful one, this certification program is a no-fail system. It’s so supportive, I love it! -Tracy Oleson, IAWP Wellness Coach student-in-training

*Independence Incentive #2 –

Three More Business Strategy Session Spots

Last week I gave away 10 strategy sessions for new IAWP Charter Members. With the great response we had (Welcome to all of you new members!!), we wanted to open up this special bonus for a few more people who are ready to create a thriving business with amazing support. The next three Charter Members will receive a one hour business coaching strategy session with me where we’ll map out your holistic business plan. Reserve Your Strategy Session and Become an IAWP Charter Member here:

Check out my blog post on Celebrating Freedom in Your Wellness Biz – including 6 Ways You Can Celebrate
Freedom like an Entrepreneur AND How You Can Create More Freedom In Your Wellness Biz.
Just go here to read it:

You can also leave your comments about what Business Freedom means to you or how you
support others to create freedom with their Health!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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