How to Speak Confidently with Potential Clients

Do you wish you had more confidence when speaking with potential clients? Or maybe you feel rather confident, but for some reason your initial consults don’t seem to turn into the amount of paying clients you’d like? Or maybe you’re wishing you just had some potential client consults even scheduled!

It’s super frustrating to give away free session after free session without seeing results, isn’t it? And worse yet…..

Do you ever blame yourself?

Most holistic practitioners and coaches put the blame on themselves when a potential client doesn’t turn into a paying client during a Discovery Session. You start to have self-limiting thoughts like…..

“I must not be meant to help people.”
“Why do I keep attracting people who can’t afford my services?”
“I’m must not be good at what I do.”

These thoughts are nothing further from the truth! What you may not realize is this: It’s not that the client doesn’t want to work with you, it’s that you probably don’t know how to conduct your session in a way that inspires potential clients to take that leap.

Keep in mind, your potential client needs your help. He or she wouldn’t have signed up for an initial consult in the first place if they weren’t looking for support, right?

See, there’s a “secret language” to discovery sessions that you need to master in order to gain confidence and help your potential clients. The goal is to find out if you’re a good match for one another and if you are, to move forward in working together. There’s a balance between giving out too much advice vs. holding back and not giving out any. And, there’s certain powerful questions you must ask to help your potential client see a bigger vision for themselves during your time together.

Participants in the Five Clients Fast program are learning this secret language right now. Once you learn how to speak this language, you gain confidence in knowing exactly what to say to potential clients to turn “I have to think about it” into “Yes, sign me up!”

But before you can learn a new language, you need to have people to talk the language with. If you want to have more clients, you have to be in conversation with more potential clients….it’s just that simple. If you’re hiding out in your office or behind your website without engaging with potential clients, you’re chances of having more clients is slim to none.

Would you like to have more discovery sessions with your ideal clients?

Follow these tips and watch your schedule get booked:

1.Name your Discovery Session – Don’t invite people to something called a “discovery session” or just a “free consult”, rather invite them to a specifically named session which tells them how their problem can be solved. If it’s just a free consult, it’s not that enticing, so make sure to name the session for your niche and the solution you solve. And example might be: a Lose Weight Without Dieting Session or a Lasting Love Relationship Session.

2. Share your Invitation – If you don’t let people know that the session exists, they won’t be able to sign up for one. You can share your invitation by sending an email to your list announcing the opportunity, host a complimentary teleseminar with tons of value and offer your consult as the next step for listeners, or provide your session as a bonus to a partner’s program. These strategies are better than just having an open-ended, “always available” invitation on your website that doesn’t create excitement, urgency or add value to your session.

3.Schedule Your Session. – Don’t let days or weeks go by. Your potential client will probably forget about the session or just lose interest. One of the best ways to schedule the session is to just pick up the phone and give the person a quick call (having an assistant do this for you is even better, but don’t get hung up on that if you don’t have an assistant right now. Just call!) Another option is to register for an online scheduling system like where you can send a customized link and people can sign up automatically, plus they get reminders before the session.

Just think, by implementing these 3 simple steps, you could have 10 new potential clients scheduled for Discovery Sessions by next week! Share your comments below, I’d love to hear from you on when and how you’ll put this into action so you can start helping more people.

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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