How to Manifest your Dream Wellness Business

You’ve heard the saying “I wish I knew then what I know now”.

It’s something I’ve said to myself before and one of my missions is to help you to “know what I know now” so you can skip over all that trial and error that I had to go through!

Years ago when I first started my holistic business as a Wellness Coach, I didn’t know anything about how to start or run a business, how to find clients, or do marketing.

In fact, even when a perfect potential client was right in front of me, I didn’t know what to say to them to really explain my work so they would want to work with me.

I was literally leaving money on the table and sabotaging my success by not knowing how to talk about my work in a way that people would “get it”. Worse yet, there were people who needed my help but I wasn’t able to help them.

All of this ‘not knowing’ led to confusion, overwhelm and a serious lack of confidence. Can you relate?

But despite all of this, I kept going. I kept learning and trying new things. I was carving out my path, step by step.

Looking at my business today, you would never know that I had no clue when I first started! That’s why I laugh when people ask me this:

Is there one thing I did to create success?

The answer is no. There’s never a magic bullet or a single secret strategy. And if someone tells you there is, they’re not being completely truthful with you.

There were many things I did to attract all of the clients I want and to create a lifestyle business that allows me to work when and where I want while helping people and doing work that matters. I’m going to share 4 of them with you today.

My goal in sharing this with you is that I know how much it would mean to you to be able to create your dream business. It’s not just about more clients or more money….there’s a deeper reason for your desire to create success doing what you love, isn’t there? I explain more about what this is in the four steps below.

1. I got clear – I had to decide what I really wanted before I could create it. So many holistic-preneurs are not clear on what they really want for themselves. Have you stopped to write down exactly what you desire? If not, do it now!

2. I found my real purpose – Behind your goals there is a real reason for why you want that goal. Sometimes it’s easy to see, and sometimes it’s more hidden. Do you know why you really want to have more clients or help more people? Usually there’s a surface level reason (like,”to pay the bills”, “to provide for my family”, “to be able to travel more”). Nothing wrong with these whatsoever. But you gotta go deeper still. What is the internal/spiritual/purposeful meaning for “wanting to pay the bills” or “providing for your family”. For me it was to be able to heal a past belief that it wasn’t possible to do what you loved in life + make tons of money + serve deeply + have a great lifestyle. I learned that these thing didn’t go together….and I needed to unlearn them. I wanted to prove that it was possible to have all of these things, not only for myself but for others. Which is why I teach this today. So what’s your internal reason? Is there something you need to heal through your work?

3. I took action – Once I figured out what I wanted and why I really wanted it, I had to go get it. This step seems obvious, but so many heart-based business owners don’t know how to take action or which actions to take, so they don’t take any! I’ll say this, doing something is better than doing nothing, because you’ll learn and find your way once you get into action. Plus, you’re sending an important message to the universe – that you’re willing to do your part. Taking small steps is good, taking Big and Bold action steps are even better.

4. I got support – This is by far the most important thing I’ve done on my journey to manifesting my dream business. In fact, I’ve had 7 mentors – some for business, some for mindset. And each one has played a key role in how I grew to the next level in my life and in my business. How can you expect to get to where you’re going if you don’t have a roadmap? It’s like being dropped off in the middle of nowhere and then trying to find your way home. Sure, you’ll probably eventually get there, but how much longer will it take you? Every holistic business owner needs a guide who can show them the way.

Want to manifest your dream business in the next 30 days?

It’s absolutely possible to start manifesting your dream business now and have results in the next 30 days when you implement the 4 steps above. If you’re excited to take these four steps now, then your next step is to fill out a business intake form here. It will help you create clarity about what you want and why you want it, and it’s a great first step to taking action. When you fill out your form, you may qualify for a complimentary business breakthrough session to get started with the support you need.

You May Qualify for a Personal Business Breakthrough Session Here ($500 value)

Where do you want to be in the next 30 days?
*5, 10 or more new clients?
*A business system in place for the new year?
*A clear, concise roadmap to where you want to go?
*More confidence as a new practitioner or coach?

Share your business dreams below and your big and bold action steps!

Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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4 thoughts on “How to Manifest your Dream Wellness Business

  1. Suzanne Post author

    Thanks for your comment Edie and great to hear from you! It’s become apparent to me over the years that our work as heart-centered entrepreneurs is usually about our own healing in some way. And the more we can look at what we are meant to learn, the better we’ll be at teaching it and really stepping into serving in a big way. -Suzanne

  2. gloria Mann

    Suzanne I am amazed you have all the questions I need to ask myself. I am conducting research for my career as a Wellness Coach while in School studying for my BSHW I stumbled across your website and profound message. the person I want to heal most is me

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