How To Make A Lucrative Career Out of Profound Service

Are you in business because you care deeply about being of profound service in the world?


Or are you planning a new business, but wonder if you can make it financially sustainable?


You may have a beautiful vision, full of exquisite possibilities… making a positive difference in the world, following your heart and doing what you truly love, making good money, and more…


Yet, the disturbing truth is the vast majority of people who take this path wind up struggling.


Many goodhearted people get stuck in "survival mode". They have trouble attracting enough clients. They feel overwhelmed by a million things to do, an overflowing email inbox, and conflicting information from all the so called "experts".


More often than not, the reality just doesn’t match up with the vision.


Can you relate?


It makes me angry, because it doesn’t have to be this way!


If you’re not already "living your dream", you probably haven’t yet mastered one or more of the 3 critical areas. Let’s look at what they are.


But first, I’d like to introduce you to someone who can help…


My friend Ryan Eliason has spent the last few decades supporting socially conscious entrepreneurs to sort through information overload, consider all the potential strategies, and focus in on what really works.


In the past few years, nearly 50,000 people from 60 countries have been through his training programs. Many of them have found their way out of struggle and into profound success.


His programs are popular because he gives more tangible guidance and value in his FREE programs than many "experts" give in their paid programs.


By the way, he’s doing a new training which you can participate in from the comfort of your home, at the convenience of your own schedule.


If you’re ready to turn things around, and put yourself on the path to success, please go here now and RSVP at no cost for The 2014 Visionary Entrepreneur Training


Now, onto the 3 areas you must master…..

The 3 Critical Area you must master to Live Your Dream and Change the World

I asked Ryan to explain, in the simplest terms possible, what the 3 areas are that people need to master in order to live their dream as a Changemaker and make a big difference with their work.


Here’s what he said:


    1. 1. Mindset or Inner Game
    2. 2. Client Attraction
    3. 3. Time Mastery


    Area #1: Mindset / inner game…

    Here’s a secret Ryan’s learned through coaching thousands of clients. Your mindset is probably THE most critical factor determining whether or not you’ll be successful in business or with making a positive impact in the world.


    In fact, he estimates that success in business is roughly 90% psychological, and only 10% technical.


    Area #2: Client attraction…

    Client attraction is one of the most talked about and least understood aspects of business. Most people will tell you that successful marketing comes from persuading people through impressive web pages, presentations, videos, blogs, email newsletters, social media, sales letters, advertisements and more.


    However, these marketing methods are actually surface level tactics. They can end up being gigantic time and money wasters without the right fundamental approach to client attraction and enrollment.


    Here’s the reality… you’ll have all the clients you could possibly want when you learn how to genuinely connect with and serve your potential clients.



    Area #3: Time mastery…

    Finally, if you haven’t mastered your time you’ll end up unfocused, distracted, overworked and tired at the end of the day, without much in the way of results to show for all your work.


    Let’s face it, a business owner’s To Do list is at least 100 times as long as the typical employee’s. That means you need to be 100 times more skilled at implementing the correct priorities, while ignoring the abundance of distractions and bright shiny objects.


    Are you ready to get these three critical areas handled?


    If so, I invite you to Register at the link below for Ryan’s complimentary training:


    The 2014 Visionary Entrepreneur Training


    By the way, this training is not another one of those "bright shiny objects" that will distract you from what you really should be focused on.


    It will help you focus on the fundamentals of success. These are THE most important things to focus on, no matter what stage you’re at in your business.


    And go ahead, post your comments on the blog and let us know which of the 3 areas you’re working on or need support with!


    Health, Love and Success,



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