How to Leave Your Mark

As a Holistic Practitioner or Wellness Professional, you’re likely in the business of changing the health and lives of others. And surely your work makes a big impact on the lives of those you touch. Have you ever thought about the Mark You’re Leaving….the stamp you’re putting on this world, the difference you are making?

For most holistic professionals, you have a deep desire to share how others can be healthier and live better. If you are passionate about leaving a big mark behind, then having a Signature System to fully express your work and impact the lives of others is essential.

Do you have trouble explaining to prospective clients the benefits of your work?

Sure, it’s easy enough to describe who you are and tell them your title and what you do, but this can cause a glassy-eyed stare for some people. What they’re really wondering is, “Can you help me with my problem?”

If you’re not clear on defining what you do in a way that your potential clients can understand it, then you aren’t speaking their language….and probably don’t have as many clients as you would like. Consider this: Your potential client thinks in terms of their problem and solving it. So you have to talk their talk! You want them to know what makes your work unique and how it can help them to get to where they want to be.

We both know the difference you’re work as a holistic professional can make! You’ve experienced it yourself in your life, in the life of family and friends, and you’ve seen big changes in the lives of your clients. So let’s talk about how you can really explain what you do so that your potential client has a lightbulb go on that says: I need to work with you!

Remember this: How you help people is not what they really care about. Your potential client is NOT lying awake at night thinking about how they want “coaching” or “reiki” or “nutrition support”. What they’re thinking about is their big problem and how frustrating it is. They want to solve it and they want someone to show them how.

And the clearest, easiest, best way for them to understand if you can help them is if you have a step-by-step system that shows them how to solve their specific problem.

Your Potential Clients Want a Solution to their Problem

How do I know this? Just think, people buy systems everyday. They buy solutions, they buy brands, they buy things based on if they are proven to work. Your potential clients want to follow a roadmap to their success and they are looking for you to guide them. So start thinking in terms of what you do and how you solve your client’s problem in terms of a system from now on.

Fine-Tune Your Solution into a Signature System

When you fine-tune your system to be something very specific that your ideal client needs to solve their big problem, you’re on your way to creating your Signature System. Your Signature System is your own branded system that is a perfect match for your ideal client’s problem.

A Signature System can be defined by the following:

*It’s a systematic approach that you use to get consistent results for your clients
*It solves your client’s most pressing, biggest problem.
*It outlines your client’s steps for reaching their goal and having success.
*It fine tunes your niche’s dilemma
*It positions you as the expert
*It clearly defines what you do
*It makes what you are offering relevant and worth investing in

Uncover Your Signature System

You have a Signature System hiding in you already! Do you hear yourself saying the same things over and over again to your clients? You’re already helping them with your system in some way, now you just need to organize your system.

Start by thinking about all of the “stuff” you have to support people and now think about what exactly is their big problem you are solving with your “stuff”. Is there a main problem you are solving that your “stuff” can apply to? Surely your great stuff can solve many things, but when you can narrow it down to solve one thing (the very thing your clients care most about!) then you are on your way to crafting your Signature System.

Benefits of Having a Signature System

Many wellness professionals tell me they don’t like the word “system”. They’re not sure if it will help everyone because everyone is different and people have unique concerns. When I hear this, I know that you don’t have a niche that is clearly defined. While what you do can help many people, you’re clients may not have anything in common. It’s time to focus on a group of clients that have a similar problem. If you are focusing in on a specific niche, their concerns will be very similar….and your solution will be able to help them very effectively.

There’s several Benefits to having a Signature System-

-Your potential clients see a clear solution to their problem
-Your work (coaching, therapy, or holistic practice) is a specialty
-What you have to offer is unique and can’t be found elsewhere
-You stand out from others in your field
-Your system is tangible and therefore more desireable
-You create a filter for your ideal clients…and they filter right in!
-You receive more referrals because people understand your work
-Your system is worth paying more for
-You attract more High Paying Clients

Once you get clear on your Signature System, you’ll want to use it everywhere! Sharing pieces of your signature system throughout your entire business is the best way to brand your business and let your potential clients know they are in the right place when they find you.

If you’re a wellness professional without a Signature System to support your clients, then I invite you to learn more about the IAWP’s Signature System just for holistic practitioners and wellness pro’s, both new and seasoned by listening to our recent teleseminar here: Wellness Coaching & Sharing Your Signature System

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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