How to explain what you do to turn potential clients into paying ones

As a holistic practitioner or coach, you’ve been asked this question a million times: “So, what do you do?” It happens at every backyard bbq or networking event. What happens to you in that moment?

  • Do you freeze, wondering how to explain yourself?
  • Do you start talking and find yourself having to re-explain what you do several times before the person gets it?
  • Do you say what you do and get a blank stare in return?
  • For most holistic practitioners and coaches, it’s a struggle to explain what you do to people, especially when the person is completely new to holistic health, healing or coaching.

    Most Holistic pro’s tell me this: “People just don’t get me, they don’t understand what I do.”

    But…here’s the truth: No matter who you are talking with, you need to confidently be able to explain what you do in a way that they can understand it. It’s not about them not getting you, it’s about you not getting them.

    If you understood “them”, you’d realize that people don’t think too much about the “how” of things, they think more about the “what”. What results will I receive, what challenge can I have solved, what solution will I get?

    All you have to do is learn to expalin what you do in terms of what others are thinking about. Get out of your own head and stop over thinking it! It’s simple, here’s how:

    1. Stop explaining what you do. Forget about your “modality” (coach, nutritionist, therapist, reiki master). Your modality is not what matters in people’s eyes. What people care about is how they can solve their problem and get what they want.

    2. Instead, start explaining what results people receive with your work. Which sounds better? “I’m a holistic nutrition consultant.” Or: “I help corporate women lose those last 10 pounds so they can feel more confident in their career” It’s pretty obvious who you help and what results people receive in the second example. Here’s the 3 step formula:

    I help _____ to _____ so that _______.

    *I help _____ (insert specifically who you help or who has seen the best results with your work)
    *to ______ (insert solution your ideal clients receive from working with you)
    *so that ______ (what is the big result received, usually something beyond the physical, something that is really meaningful to them and usually he “hidden” motivation behind your clients desire to solve their problem).

    And if you still get the blank stare from someone, it’s only because they aren’t your ideal client. But here’s the catch, they may know someone who is. So simply ask: “Do you know any _____ (insert your ideal client) who could benefit from my help?

    3. Practice! Start telling more people what you’re up to. The only way to gain confidence in speaking about your work is to be in conversation with people.

    4. Relax! You don’t have to give an elevator pitch to everyone you meet. In fact, elevator pitches when announced out of context can sound contrived and forced. So play around with the phrase you developed in #2 and let it flow. A great way to get over this is to start by asking other people what they’re up to. Ask them what they do first and most likely they’ll return the question to you. Plus, you’ll learn what they’re up to and what’s important to them.

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    Thriving Together,



    Suzanne Monroe
    Founder & CEO, IAWP

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