How to Create More Freedom in Your Business and Your Life

Celebrating summer and freedom with Luca!

As we celebrated the July 4th Holiday here in the US, I was filled with gratitude for the freedoms in my life. Beyond the physical freedom we have in our country, I am so grateful to have the freedom to do work I love, to create each day, to serve and help others… and the freedom to not have to set an alarm clock everyday! Holistic Entrepreneurs crave Freedom because it allows us to nurture and take care of ourselves while expanding into even greater roles of service and purpose. If you want to create more freedom in your life and your business, then read this article where I outline the 5 steps you can follow now to start building a life and business filled with freedom…..

How to Create More Freedom in Your Business and Your Life

I was recently reminded how many people don’t love what they do everyday. As the holiday came to a close, I felt the energy shift. People were dreading going back to work, wishing they had more time to be free to play and rest. It reminded me of how grateful I am to be a Holistic-Preneur, setting my own hours and designing my life.

If you’re like most holistic entrepreneurs, you crave freedom.

Setting your own hours feels really good, doesn’t it? You can take a yoga class during the day, work with clients on days that you decide and take a day off whenever you feel like it.

But there’s always the “dark” side to freedom for new coaches and holistic practitioners.

They wonder…

“If I take too much time for myself, will my business fail? Shouldn’t I be working harder?”

Do you have “not-working-enough” fears and worries hanging over your head that keeps you from enjoying your freedom and lifestyle as an entrepreneur,like….

*Worrying where your next client is coming from, instead of being able to enjoy the clients you do have

*Overworking when you know how important “balance” and self-care is in your life

*Being weighed down by the debt hanging over your head from starting your practice

If you want to escape these worries and step into more freedom, mentally and financially, then start by following these five Freedom steps:

Free Your Space
If you’re disorganized in your home or at your desk, it can add to some serious mind clutter. And mind clutter doesn’t make for a very effective Holistic Pro. Set a specific time to Feng Shui your desk and your office. You’ll be so happy you did!

Free Your Schedule
Most coaches and holistic practitioners tend to let others run their schedule for them. Which means you take clients when they are available and schedule meeting with colleagues on any day that seems to work. Create a structure to your schedule by creating specific Client Days (days you work with clients) and specific Meeting Days (days you connect with colleagues or partners). I recommend two clients days per week and one meeting half-day per week. Schedule all of your appointments during these blocks. When you block this time out on your calendar, it really frees up the rest of your time to focus on either growing your business or having fun doing whatever you love!

Free Your Mind
If you find yourself being weighed down by negativity, doubts and fears, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s going on so you can move through your fears. Have a heart-to-heart with yourself and ask yourself what’s bothering you or worrying you. Then ask yourself what would need to happen for those fears to go away. Is it more clients, more support, more free time, more self-care? Once you know what you really want, then create a plan to get there. Start with 2 -3 things you can do right away to take action.

Free Yourself –
Remember, running you own business means you get to do things how you want. If you want to work only 2 days per week, then create that. If you want to work 4 mornings per week and take afternoons off, then design your business around that. There’s no written rule somewhere that you have to work 40 hours per week to be in business. Planning your business around the lifestyle you desire is the ultimate freedom. Remember, it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

Free Your Income –
If you’re struggling in your business right now, most likely you have a one-sided view of how you can generate income. Perhaps you only see one way to make money, (like working with clients one-on-one in person), when in reality, there’s many ways you can create income (like taking your one-on-one work to the next level by supporting groups). When you “free your income”, you open up to the many possibilities of how you can receive money. Have you ever wondered how you can help more people with your work? Creating a system in your business is your first step to generating more dollars.

Need a Holistic Client Attraction System? Take a look at what participants are doing right now in the Five Clients Fast program to systemize their passion to help many.

Which of the 5 steps above will you be implementing first? Share your comments below!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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