How to create a waiting list of your ideal clients + Free Training this week I first started my own wellness coaching business, I had no idea how to find clients. Well, I had a few ideas, but they didn’t seem to work.

Here’s what I would do:

*I created pretty brochures and printed them
in color, then dragged myself all across town,
asking if I could put them in places like
coffee shops, yoga studios and fitness centers.
Then I waited to see if anyone would contact me.
(Very few people called.)

*I scheduled free presentations in my local community wherever someone would say ‘yes’ to having me come speak to their group. Then I spent tons of time preparing a new talk each time for a new group. (Exhausting.)

Now there’s nothing wrong with either of these strategies, but they didn’t work for me. The reason they didn’t work is because there wasn’t a system to my strategy. I just put things out there, like my brochures or talks, and then hoped people would find them or call me or somehow become my client.

When I finally realized that I was lacking a system behind my strategies, I started to figure out how to attract more clients.

Here’s what I did instead…..

Instead of just printing brochures, I created “call-to-action” cards that gave a gift to anyone who picked up my card. It sent them to a place on my website to get a gift, then automatically followed up with them to find out what they were looking for next to support them.

And instead of just giving free talks everywhere and burning out, I started only giving talks where I knew my ideal client was (which meant I had to say “no” a lot if something wasn’t the perfect fit) and I had a system for what people did at the workshop and what they did AFTER the workshop.

These are just a few examples of the systems I put in place. And what happened next was a big surprise….

I had a waiting list of clients! Practically overnight.

And not just any clients, these were people that were a perfect match for me and me for them.

Before I couldn’t find even one new client to sign up with me. Now I had dozens of new clients waiting to work with me.

Creating a Waiting List became Simple

So what changed?

Besides getting those systems in place,there were some other transformations happening that helped me create a waiting list of my ideal clients.

I opened my heart and listened – I created systems to connect with people and followup with them based on their needs. I opened my heart to find out what they really needed. I listened and then took in what they were really seeking.

I let go and allowed something greater – Once I heard what people were really saying, what was really in their hearts, and what they were really craving in their life, I was able to create programs for them that were a perfect match. I let go of what I thought they needed and I let go of all of the knowledge and advice I was used to sharing. I opened up to a greater possibility for them: transformation.

I learned how to share the transformation – Once I realized that my work was more than advice, tips and “stuff”, and that it was really about how a person’s life would transform, I learned how to talk about what I did in a new way. I learned how to describe the transformation that would take place so clients could visualize exactly where they would be after working with me…..which increased my “yes’s” by 90%.

Mastering your coaching skills

Learning how to listen to what your clients really want and then create transformation with them is about mastering your coaching skills.

If you’re a coach or a practitioner that doesn’t quite feel confident in how to create lasting breakthroughs for your clients and take them on the path of transformation, you’re likely missing some deeper coaching skills.

Creating transformations is about helping your client break down barriers, move beyond their “small selves” and literally step into a new place of living and being.

This isn’t about just solving a problem like weight loss, it’s about being the guide who is there to support them to becoming the person they truly want to be.

If you can do that for people, your business and your life will change.
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Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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