How to Become a Global Authority

How to Become a Global Authority
by IAWP Faculty Member, Max Simon

I have a few things to declare to you, OUT LOUD, right now.

1) I am a global AUTHORITY in effective conscious business.

2) Every single one of our events ALWAYS sells out to capacity.

3.) We are moving our ENTIRE team to Hawaii for a month to work from a bungalow on the beach.

Now that I have just declared these statements to you, what are you thinking and feeling? Do these statements make you feel something powerful? Respectable? Compelling?

If you’re like me, the answer to that question is YES; because it’s easy to look at these words, feel the resonance, and say: “WOW, that’s amazing!”

I’m not saying this to boast but boasting but rather to prove a very important point that will be immensely helpful in your business.

But before I tell you what I mean, let me be honest…

Before I actually was a global authority in effective conscious business and our events were selling out, I was declaring these points with conviction and certainty.

That’s right, I was calling myself a global authority in effective conscious business long before I was very effective, and I was telling people that my events always sell out long before they were filled to capacity like they are today.

But wait, I can hear your mind asking the question: “Isn’t that out of integrity to say something that isn’t true?”

And the answer to that question is where the real magic lies….so let me explain my perspective to see if it resonates with you.

One of my favorite quotes is…

“You can’t be great before you get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

You see, almost nobody is ever where they want to be in their business (or life). Instead, we all want more confidence, more love, more abundance, more energy, or more something else.

That’s what is.

So you have to choices: you can either wait for the thing to manifest for you to declare it to be real (not the best option)….or you can declare it to be real and move forward from that place (winner!).

Because here’s the kicker: Seeing what you want in your consciousness and declaring it out loud, with authority, is the driving force that makes it real.

So in my case, I had a dream to be a global authority in effective conscious business. I had a dream to create events that were bursting at the seams. I had a dream to create a multi-million dollar business.

And because I was able to see this reality in my consciousness (so clearly) as if it already existed, I was able to muster up the confidence to DECLARE it to the world…..every chance I got.
And a funny thing happened

It all came true.

All of a sudden, I was being mentioned in the press as a global authority in effective conscious business. I was being asked to speak at other people’s events on the subject. I was respected as the expert in awakened business.

Then our events started to fill up. We began to attract some of the world’s most credible and powerful speakers. And the energy around our live experiences became undeniably unique and captivating.

So as I sat in meditation this morning reflecting back on why my life has unfolded in the beautiful way that it has, I realized that it was because I was willing to look at what I really wanted and then DECLARE my truth before it was real…

…and then, I was willing to take massive, constant, imperfect, in-alignment ACTION to make it true!

And like magic, these intentions became my reality. Viola!
So back to the integrity piece…

How do you declare something to be true when the current reality does not reflect what you want it to be?

And here’s my response: “When you know, deep in your heart, that your desired outcome will make a profoundly positive impact on the world once it manifests, then it’s your personal responsibility to move forward from this place of certainty and clarity.”

For example, when I am seen as a global authority in effective conscious business, I can use that influence to share my message, give more support, and help more people, and as a result, the tribe will make a greater impact and help more people to evolve and transform. This is what I call “the evolutionary ripple”.

When my events are sold-out, the energy we create in the room with that many high-level entrepreneurs is the most special, profound and life-changing experience on the planet, and as a result of that deeply transformational time together, people go back into the world with an unparalleled level of confidence, clarity, purpose, and vision….and that gives them the freedom to make a much greater impact in the world.

And, I get to share my gifts and live on-purpose.
You see, everyone wins…

So here’s the thing: it’s time for you to speak the truth of what will be, right now.

Because when you show up from that place of certainty and interact with people from that energy, it’s amazing to see how fast your desired intention can become a living breathing reality.

So here’s a little process you can put into place right now to translate this wisdom into practice:

Step 1) Get clear on what you want to be. Do you want to be a global authority in something? Are you interested in selling out your events? Start by getting clear on what you want that serves you and the world.

Step 2) Begin to declare it out-loud as if it’s already happening. Use the words in your conversations and marketing. Make decisions that are in-alignment with this true. Be bold.

Step 3) Take constant, imperfect action that reinforces your truth. If your event is going to sell-out, you’re going to need a big space….so book it. If you are a global authority, you must surround yourself with other big players…so start those relationships now. Don’t wait for the outcome to happen for you to start taking actions that are in alignment. Make it real now and watch how the outcome unfolds.
Take your first step right now

Why don’t you leave a comment below [on the getselfcentered blog] with your declaration of what is? Everyone in the tribe would love to hear your truth….

Much love,


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