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The IAWP’s Healthy Lifestyle Wheel

It can be overwhelming to look at all of the areas where you don’t feel that you are achieving exactly what you want in life. But taking the time to really examine which areas of your life are not as balanced as you would like them to be and which areas are going well for you can be a very valuable exercise. It gives you a chance to really remember what you want for yourself and set goals. Use the Healthy Lifestyle Wheel to help you in getting started.

The Healthy Lifestyle Wheel created by the IAWP is a beautiful visual that our Certified Wellness Coaches use with their clients. The inner wheel represents activities and things that affect you directly, the food you take in or the fresh air you breathe. The outer wheel consists of indirect things that affect a person’s health and well-being, like your finances or mindset. While sometimes subconscious, the outer wheel plays just as an important role as the inner wheel in creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Choose three areas that you would like to improve. Write down 3 action steps for each area to create more balance. Congratulate yourself for the areas where you are in balance and return to this exercises as often as you like to gain perspective and set intentions.

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