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Are you ready to finally create a
Thriving, Sustainable, and Highly Profitable business you love this year?
…In just 12 weeks or less!

Jumpstart your Business Now and Keep Your Success Going with a Proven Roadmap to Authentic Profits and a Thriving, Leveraged Business

Click on the player link below to listen to a previously recorded call on this Program –Holistic Biz Success Secrets: 5 Steps to Take Your Holistic Business from Surviving to Thriving…Without going crazy, breaking the bank or forgetting who you are and why you’re here!

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Dear Holistic Professional,

You have all the wisdom within you to change lives. I know it, you know it…but do the people you could be supporting know it?

I’m sure you agree that if you’re not sharing your Unique Brilliance with the world in the way you’re meant to, you’re doing a huge disservice to those who need your help.

If you’re like most holistic professionals, you want to have a big impact, be in alignment with your purpose in life, do great things to help others, be able to follow your passion…and earn a fantastic living in the process, too!

But do you feel like you’re being held back by…..

  • A feeling of overwhelm about what to do next in your business…and how to do it right?
  • Fears of how to make it month-to-month and pay your bills without having to go back and get a “real” job?
  • Envy that other practitioners and coaches seem to be figuring it out and getting ahead?
  • Worry that next year you might make even less than this year while possibly working even harder?
  • Confusion about how to effectively and authentically connect with people who want to pay you for your services?

If so, now’s the time to release your worry and your fear, because you’re in the right place.

I’m Suzanne Monroe, Holistic Business Coach and Founder & CEO of The International Association of Wellness Professionals. And I’m excited to show you how you can finally create a thriving, sustainable, holistic practice using a proven roadmap that is not only easy-to-implement, but authentically aligned with your work as a holistic practitioner.

That means it brings you the income you desire without you having to compromise on your ideals or values. You get to create success while helping others and living a life that is on purpose and deeply fulfills you.

You might be wondering if it’s actually possible to be successful and authentic, thriving and spiritual, money-making and supportive, powerful and giving ?

The answer is: Yes, it’s absolutely possible! And I know it can work for you because I was once in your shoes. As a holistic professional myself, I struggled for several years in my business to find clients, develop marketing that worked, create partnerships…and ultimately make an income that would support me …until I finally learned the tools to create not only a thriving business, but one that allowed me to have more time, money and freedom to spend with family, friends and doing things I love like getting massages, growing an organic garden, taking classes, traveling to new places, meeting friends for a leisurely lunch, taking time-off… Sounds good, right?

But there was still one thing missing!

Even with all of the tools and systems in place to create a thriving, six-figure business, there was still one thing missing! My mentors and coaches taught me all of the proven business tools for entrepreneurs, I implemented them, they worked….but something still wasn’t quite right.

Here’s the thing….

The tools were for businesses that were outside of the holistic field. While they worked, there was something that was off. They didn’t speak to me at a core level. My mind said “Yes, that makes sense”, but my inner voice said, “That doesn’t feel quite right.”

It’s as if all of the steps were there…but it was the wrong staircase!

On a deeper level, while I saw these proven business tools working for me, they felt “salesy”, “foreign” and even down-right “annoying”. I wanted success, but I wasn’t willing to sell my soul for it, literally. You get what I mean, don’t you?

I knew that there was a way to bridge the business world with a holistic sense of living and being. And so I went on to craft these business success tools combined with my entrepreneurial experience and personal proven formulas into my own Holistic Business System, one that allowed me to be authentic, conscious and completely myself!

And guess what happened? I experienced even more success!

And now I’m sharing with you this exact system….

So you can create a holistic business that is:
*And totally in alignment with you!

Allowing you to:
*Work when and where you want
*Design a lifestyle that speaks to who you are
*Touch as many lives as you wish
*Create all that you desire in your life
*And Serve and Shine in the way you’re really meant to

“If you want to get on the fast track to success as a Wellness Professional, then you can’t afford not to check out what Suzanne Monroe is up to.”

“Most entrepreneurs in the wellness field have so much to offer, but no one ever taught them the business tools they need to be successful. Suzanne Monroe is dedicated to teaching holistic professionals how to create thriving businesses that make a difference in our world. As a Millionaire Coach, I’ve personally trained Suzanne and I know that her work is changing the lives of wellness professionals everywhere who want to finally break free from the service-model struggle and learn how to leverage their time and talents in a big way.”

Sheri McConnell
CEO of The Smart Women’s Institute of Entrepreneurial Learning
Author, “Smart Women Know Their Why”

It’s here….



*Note: This program is for Wellness Professionals, Heart-Centered Coaches and Holistic Practitioners who want to create a thriving, holistic Six Figure business while remaining true to themselves and their message.


Here’s just some of the results you’ll experience:



  • How to Work Smarter, Not Harder, using proven Holistic Business Formulas
  • Design a Support Continuum in your business that Builds Relationships, Creates Community and Keeps Clients Coming Back for more of your amazing support
  • Create your own Signature System that puts your official branded “Signature Stamp” on all of your programs and products
  • Make Income Right Away to Infuse your Business with Profit without delay
  • Money Mindset Secrets that will Breakthrough your Fears and Limiting Beliefs about being a Successful Entrepreneur
  • Learn how to Leverage your time and talents so you can have more Freedom and Flexibility
  • Authentic Marketing and Sacred Selling Tools that will have you fall in love with marketing your business while you create consistent dollars and ongoing success
  • Take Giant Leaps Forward with Support and Feedback so you step Gracefully and Confidently to the next level with ease instead of doubting every move you make

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t like to see these Breakthroughs in their business, at any level!?

But these Results only come to you if you’re ready to let go of…

*Daily Solo-Preneur Struggle
*Survival Mode
*And…“Go-it-Alone Syndrome”

The most successful entrepreneurs seek mentors to guide them in business to the next level. They aren’t interested in wasting time reinventing the wheel. And they know that when the commit to themselves and their passion, great things start to happen quickly.

Are you ready to Fly?

If you’re ready to Experience Results and Stop Reinventing the Wheel, read on to learn how the Holistic Business Success System was designed specifically with YOU in mind.



“Every successful holistic practitioner needs a mentor who can guide them.”

“As a million dollar coach to holistic practitioners, I know what it takes to create a business that is authentically aligned with your work and also makes the kind of money to support your lifestyle. It’s not something you want to do alone … every successful holistic practitioner needs a mentor who can guide them. And Suzanne Monroe is that perfect mentor for wellness professionals because she’s actually achieved everything she teaches. Suzanne is creating a huge shift for holistic professionals so they can finally leave struggle behind and step into creating the income they deserve.”

Sharla Jacobs
Award-Winning Million Dollar Coach
Founder of Rejuvenate Your Practice


“I knew Suzanne was the right coach to help me to take my business to the next level and my expectations were surpassed!”

“Suzanne helped me sharpen my focus in my business. Her experience as a wellness professional combined with her knowledge of today’s business and marketing techniques were exactly what I needed to go to the next level. The Holistic Business Success System was easy to follow and implement! With Suzanne’s support, I’ve launched a list-building, revenue-generating website that works, learned how to build new client relationships over the web, created some amazing joint venture partnerships for client referrals, and have been asked to be a featured expert with my own column…all while launching a book at the same time!”

Patti Bartsch
Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

The Holistic Business Success System is a comprehensive program designed to take you from wherever you are now in your business all the way to a thriving, six figure income doing what you love!

Take a Closer Look at the Transformation You’ll Experience over the next 12 weeks in this program as You are Guided to Learn and Implement these Proven Steps…..

Foundational Step 1 – Profit Infusion


Attract Your Ideal, Paying Clients Now


Learn how to get more paying clients right away so you can create a Profit Infusion into your business before you do anything else! Having a revenue stream from clients is the first step to building your business and you’re going to learn the most effective way to accomplish this in the least amount of time with these tools:

Sign Up the Right Clients Now – The proven Holistic Business Formula designed to DOUBLE your practice over the next 12 weeks!

Authentic Selling Toolkit – No more uncomfortable “salesy” conversations, you’ll feel comfortable sharing your work and supporting others to make an investment with you

Initial Consult to Paying Client Script
– You’ll know exactly what to say, how to say it authentically and be able to overcome any objection to turn your initial consult into a new client with ease

High-Paying Client Attraction -You’ll learn to connect and work with high-paying clients who want to pay you for your services

Get More Done, Have More Fun Time Management System – Time-Saving tools so you can focus on what you do best, including the Client Tracker Template and how to automate your scheduling system

Foundational Step 2 – Revenue Roadmap


Your Step-by-Step System to Six Figures


Know where you want to go, how to get there and learn the steps to create consistent income over 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and beyond for a sustainable business with these tools and more:

The Revenue Roadmap – This is your customizeable roadmap that will take you from wherever you are now to a thriving, six-figure business.

The Holistic Business Leverage System – How to work smarter, not harder using my proven formulas


Learn how to Run Your Business like a Six Figure Pro – You have to think like a thriving business owner before you become one and you’ll learn how to Plan Big from the get-go

Program Pricing & Packaging Templates
– Learn what to include and what not to include to create irresistible programs and know exactly how to price them for profit.

Foundational Step 3 – Authentic Marketing


How to Share Your Message with Heart-Based Marketing


In this step, you’ll learn how to reach your ideal clients by developing heart-based, holistic marketing strategies that you’ll love to implement!

Your “Signature System” – Create Expert Status by defining your own clear, focused brand that sells. You’ll learn how to put this Customized Signature on all pieces of your business including Your Signature Talk, Your Signature Program and Your Signature Products

Your “Lead Seads” – We’ll identify 15 Proven, Leveraged ways to connect with new clients that give you a strong funnel of ideal clients

Lead Generation & Automated Followup System – Connecting with and Following up with potential clients will be easier and more effective than ever!

Irresistible Offer Launch
– Learn how to create Irresistible offers and launch them correctly in order to work with groups, leverage your time and create consistent cash flow.

Your Launch Timeline Blueprint
– You’ll follow this blueprint every time you launch for proven client enrollment success.

Foundational Step 4 – The Client Retention Formula


Build Lasting Client Relationships so You Don’t Have to Chase New Business


The Holistic Business Success System is not just about finding clients over 12 weeks, it’s about creating a sustainable business for years to come. Building long-lasting relationships with clients so you’re not always chasing new ones is essential to growing your business. In this foundational step, you’re going to fall in love with…

The Holistic Pro’s Secret Weapon: Your Magic Back-End Bullet
– This tool is worth the entire Holistic Business Success System itself! This single strategy will change the way you do business forever as you create a back-end system that will have you….

*Building client relationships that last
*Keeping your clients for years to come
*Crafting your own “Support Continuum” for your clients as they move happily from one step to the next
*PLUS: How to Grow your Community and continue to Provide Incredible Value all along the way

Foundational Step 5 – Powerful, Profitable Partnerships


Multiply Your Efforts with Support


In this step, you’ll learn how to create partnerships that work for your business. If you don’t have partnerships in your business now that provide you with a steady stream of clients and increase your exposure, this portion of the program may be your missing piece!

The Joint Venture Tool Box, including:

*How to partner to Quadruple your list size overnight!
*How to increase your Expert Status in 30 days or less with effective partnerships
*The Joint Venture Invitation Letter – With this script, “bigger” players will say “yes” to partnering with you.
*How to set up an Affiliate Program that Sends you Dollars – includes Affiliate emails, scripts and how-tos!

Foundational Step 6 – Money Models


Move from Trading Dollars for Hours to Leveraged Income


Holistic Business Surges – Learn how Surges infuse your business and how to create them

The Holistic Marketing Support Continuum – You’ll learn how to create multiple offers and Price Points – steps for each of your potential, new and existing clients – a proven system to provide consistent value to your clients and consistent income to your business

Create Your First Home-Study Program – This leveraged model will have you create a profitable information product you can offer to clients right away or bundle with other programs to add value and increase profit. No need to worry! This isn’t about more work, it’s about Leveraging your time and NOT reinventing the wheel!

Multiple Streams of Income
– You’ll learn how to create revenue streams that flow into your holistic business so you can benefit from many streams of income to support your practice.

Develop Online Profit Strategies
– It’s always to fun to go to sleep at night and wake up to money in your inbox! You’ll learn the technical how-to pieces to implement online profit as well as how to develop online strategies that offer your holistic programs to a global community.


These Six Steps of the Holistic Business System are the FOUNDATION of a sustainable, profitable, thriving business. As a participant in the Holistic Business System program, here’s what you’ll receive to absorb this life-changing information:

The Holistic Business Success System Blueprint Binder – A week by week guide containing the knowledge you need to know to build your successful holistic business.

The Holistic Business Success System Blueprint Audio Guides – This 12 week program comes complete with high-value content designed for immediate results with participant Q&A and weekly homework assignments to keep you on track.

The Holistic Business Success System Toolkit – Templates, Checklists and Handouts will get you into action each week and guide you to success.

Q&A Bonus Calls with Participants who Took the Course Live! – Learn along with your peers as they ask questions and get the answers to building a thriving, holistic business.

PLUS: Several Bonuses You’ll Love….

“If you want to learn Heart-Based Marketing strategies that are in alignment with your message as a Holistic Professional, then I highly recommend you join Suzanne’s Holistic Business Success System.”

“I teach entrepreneurs how to create Irrisistible Offers and how to sell without being “salesy”. As a Faculty Member of the IAWP, I’ve seen how Suzanne is truly dedicated to teaching Wellness Professionals how to connect with clients and grow their businesses without feeling ‘salesy’ or inauthentic. If you want to learn heart-based marketing strategies that are in alignment with your message as a holistic professional, then I highly recommend you join Suzanne’s Holistic Business Success System and get on the fast-track to a thriving wellness business.”

Lisa Sasevich
The Queen of Sales Conversion

“This program is definitely worth your time and investment if you want to get on the fast track to making money doing what you love.”

“The Holistic Business Success System has allowed me to take what was just an idea and create a big vision for my business. Each week I had steps to take which showed me the way to creating my first program and how to launch it successfully. This program is definitely worth your time and investment if you want to get on the fast track to making money doing what you love in your holistic business.”

Lisa LeVerrier, Wellness Coach

Imagine the support of this program over 12 weeks, it’s like having your own supportive mentor to guide you in building the holistic, sustainable business you’ve dreamed of….PLUS Add to this already invaluable support program the following Bonuses Valued at Over $5,000 and You’ll Be Confident that this is the only program for you as you Take the Leap to become a Successful Holistic Entrepreneur…………..


Complimentary Membership to the Int’l Association of Wellness Professionals, including….

The Holistic Entrepreneur’s Authentic Success Toolkit

The Holistic Entrepreneur’s Authentic Success Toolkit is your guide to authentic success in a holistic, wellness-based business. You’ll receive immediate, downloadable digital access to The Holistic Entrepreneur’s Authentic Success Toolkit as soon as you register for membership so you can get started right away with business support and learning from top mentors in your field. Our Toolkit allows you to learn from highly successful Holistic Professionals who are excited to share with you the in’s and out’s of how they’ve built sustainable businesses. Included in The Holistic Entrepreneur’s Authentic Success Toolkit is everything you need to know for running your business successfully.

Wellness Business Training & Coaching Calls

Our Expert Training & Coaching Calls cover everything you need to know to run a successful wellness business in this decade. Our training seminars with industry experts are designed to get you moving in the direction you want to be going without delay or struggle. As an IAWP member, you’ll have access to all archived recordings of Business Training Calls and Q&A Member Calls plus monthly Live Calls to get your questions answered!

The IAWP Marketing Blueprint

The IAWP Marketing Blueprint is your step-by-step marketing plan guiding you to success each month. You’ll want to print this out and post it right by your desk as you learn how to attract and keep more clients.

The Wellness Professional’s Resource Guide

Consider the IAWP’s Wellness Professional’s Resource Guide your Virtual Rolodex. Get all the contacts you need to grow your business and save money as you receive support. The Wellness Professionals Resource Guide is a comprehensive guide of over 30 categories with clickable links to the best resources for wellness professionals.

Health & Wellness Library

IAWP Members enjoy access to our Health &Wellness Library including articles, client handouts, newsletters and resources you can use in your own practice with your clients.
With a whole year of monthly articles, providing your clients value and staying in touch will be easy with these done-for-you resources.

All these benefits of Membership and Many More



The Holistic Business Plan eWorkbook

The Wellness Professional’s Holistic Business Plan is a business manual just for health and wellness practitioners. If you’ve ever crafted a business plan before, it’s probably at the bottom of your desk drawer! It’s time to upgrade to a plan that works, one that takes your mission and puts it into action with proven solutions for success.



Pre-Program Bonus Call

Jumpstart the Holistic Business Success System by listening to the recorded Pre-Program Bonus Call before you get started. You’ll Set Your Goals and Learn Early-Start Action Steps you can take to boost your business immediately!>



Post-Program Bonus Call

After the program ends, you won’t be left hanging! Enjoy a special recorded Bonus call Check-In with Q&A from Live Participants and Celebrate Your Own Successes!



Done-For-You Scripts & Templates You Can Use

For every Foundational Step of the Holistic Business System, you’ll receive handouts, client scripts, email scripts, blueprints, checklists and templates you can use to save time and energy while you focus on what you do best!


“If you want to monetize your passions as a holistic practitioner, then don’t pass up the chance to spend as much time with Suzanne as you can!”

“Creating abundance as a holistic practitioner doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a combination of many factors that are best developed when you have the right coach or mentor. As a Lifestyle Design Consultant for “Yoga-preneurs”, I’ve seen how holistic practitioners struggle without guidance and the right tools. Suzanne is an amazing coach who will guide you in stepping into your true potential as a wellness professional.”

Kris Ward
Yogapreneur & Lifestyle Design Consultant
Owner Abundant Yogi & Trikaya Yoga

“In just one week as a participant in the Holistic Business Success System, I have been fueled with inspiration and enthusiasm!”

“Going into this new profession as a Holistic Nutritionist, I definitely had the fear of sitting at a desk client after client and questioned is this really what I want, but in just one week as a participant in the Holistic Business Success System, I have been fueled with inspiration and enthusiasm! Suzanne’s guidance, blueprints and templates have shown me how to find my ideal clients and have given me the steps to design a business that fits me and my lifestyle. It has confirmed that my desire to start a business with a unique touch is possible. The support of the HBSS program has provided the feeling that someone is cheering you on and truly wants to see you succeed.”

Jen Arsenault, Holistic Nutritionist

So you’re probably thinking to yourself at this point: Wow! The Holistic Business Success System sounds like EXACTLY what I need to do for myself and my business for this coming year! You’re right. It’s going to be game-changing and life-changing for you. You’re probably also wondering how much your investment in an incredibly supportive, high-level coaching program like this might be? So, let’s take a look at that….

It’s important to state that the value of the Holistic Business Success System is PRICELESS. I’m sure you agree that with all of the support, masterminding, benefits and bonuses plus the Rewarding Results you’ll see for years to come, that this program is invaluable.

If you were a Private Coaching Client of mine, you would invest up to $10,000 for this level of support. But my goal in creating the Holistic Business Success System was to be able to reach out to you if you can’t afford to do one-on-one coaching with me. I know you still need the Mentorship, Guidance, Support….and Business Love! that I have so greatly benefited from over the years as a Holistic Entrepreneur.

Frankly, You Can’t Do Without It! My life and business would not be the same if I hadn’t take the Leap of Faith to believe in myself and the Possibilities….and JUST GO FOR IT. I’m so glad I did! And I want you to have that same experience.

So here’s what I’ve decided to do. To make this program do-able for more people….for those that really want support and are committed to their business and their success…..I’ve come up with a price that I believe is far below the value of the program but will allow me to help more Holistic Professionals like you.

The investment in the Holistic Business Success System is just $1997.

$1997 is an incredible value for all that you will learn and the results you will see….don’t you agree?

But wait, there’s something special going on right now…..

Order this Program Now

You may know by now that I really love to Reward those who are Ready to Take Action. It’s because I know that when you commit to yourself and take action on what feels right, you’re honoring yourself at a higher level with your belief in what’s possible for you. Whenever I’ve invested in support, no matter how uncomfortable (and exciting!) it may have felt at the time, I was always generously rewarded with amazing things that came my way as a result of trusting and taking action.

For a Limited Time Only, this program is Just $1497.

Are you ready to get started!?

Or Let Us Finance Your Program! Make 4 easy installments of $499!

*Note: Payments billed every 30 days


By the way, I want you to know that I stand behind this program and your success!

I really want you to be 100% satisfied with the Holistic Business Success Program, and I’m completely confident you will be. But let me remove any doubt you might have when making this decision….

Register today and if you are not completely satisfied with this program after the first 30 days and you have participated in all calls and have completed all assignments, then just send us a quick email and we’ll refund your money right away. So far, I’ve never had to give out a single refund because of the amazing content and support I deliver, but I want you to feel comfortable with your investment. Sound good?

Knowing that you know you are fully taken care of with this Money-Back Guarantee, are you Ready to Get Started?

Invest Now to Get Huge Savings!

Or make 4 easy installments of $499!

*Note: Payments billed every 30 days

*Upon Enrolling, You’ll Receive an Email from Us Confirming Your Order and Your Materials will be sent out to you. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

“There is No One Better than Suzanne to Teach You!”

“Suzanne has an incredible ability to mentor others to be both aligned with helping others as well flourishing into successful entrepreneurs. If you want to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur in the wellness industry, there is no one better than Suzanne to teach you. Her events, products and programs are best-in-class!”


Leanne Grechulk
Founder of HealthyGirl
Author of ’30 Days to Wealth’

“Clients are now saying ‘Yes!’”


“My business has truly grown to the next level! I’ve learned how to successfully market my services to clients who now say “yes”, how to create program launches and grow my list, and how to create virtual products that support me to help people all over the world!

Michelle Bersell
Life Coach & Author
Creator of the F.E.E.L. Virtual Mastery Program

“I was scared I was going to have to give up on my passion and go back and get a “real” job”….

“Suzanne helped me to craft a blueprint for my business to achieve my big vision. I am now moving forward with confidence because I have a plan in place with systematic steps that generate revenue in my business now and for the future!”


Susan Emmer
Health Coach

“I now have a real game plan and clients, with dozens more potential clients interested!”

“When I started my wellness coaching practice, I was not used to finding clients on my own, as I used to work for large corporations. I found myself hitting a wall in terms of my business skills…..Suzanne and the IAWP are the real deal. There is so much information to learn from and wisdom to be gained backed by hard won, real world experience. I have learned so much … I now have a real game plan and clients, with dozens more potential clients interested! I know exactly what I need to do next. Just as our clients need us for support on their journey, why walk through unfamiliar territory when you can have a guide to show you the way? Holistic business coaching works. I am proof. Success is inevitable.”


Edie Summers
Certified Wellness Coach

“In just one short strategy session, Suzanne created a major breakthrough for me in my health coaching practice….”

“In just one short strategy session, Suzanne created a major breakthrough for me in my health coaching practice. I was able to determine how to price and package my programs and create a joint venture partnership to increase client referrals. I also figured out how to leverage live events for connecting with new clients. I now feel confident in partnering with other like-minded businesses while I build my own unique brand as a wellness entrepreneur.”

Lauren Maxwell
Certified Health Coach

“Working with Suzanne I experienced exciting breakthrough after breakthrough….”

“Working with Suzanne I experienced exciting breakthrough after breakthrough on how to build my business. With Suzanne’s advice and excellent tools, I was quickly able to identify my niche and define the clear steps to move forward with my business. Suzanne’s insights, clarity of expression and enthusiasm are inspiring. She makes business planning fun!”


Robin Pruitt
Certified Health Coach

“I’m so happy I invested in myself…I can already see the huge impact it has made!”

“Before I found the IAWP and met Suzanne Monroe, I was struggling with finding clients, pricing my services and with my overall business plan. Suzanne taught me how to actually find and connect with clients who want to pay for my services. She’s given me a step-by-step plan to follow that generates income doing the work I love. I am so happy that I invested in myself…I can already see the huge impact it has made on my business!”

Michele Gould
Nutritionist & Founder,
Let Gets You Healthy

“In just one week as a participant in the Holistic Business Success System, I’ve already had a major breakthrough on my business!”

“In just one week as a participant in the Holistic Business Success System, I’ve already had a major breakthrough on my business which has enabled me to expand my consulting offerings around my product, enabling me to identify my ideal clients. The personal support has provided me with a constant feeling of reassuranceand motivation to think outside my normal comfort zone. The shocking clarity I’ve gained around product pricing from the Price for Profit Templates was nothing short of an epiphany.”

Gineane Haberlin
Certified Herbalist
Haberlins Herbals

“Investing with Suzanne as my coach, is the best investment that I’ve made in myself!!”

“I realized once I made a mental shift from “I can’t do it” to “I can do it” attitude, things started to shift for me. Suzanne pulled the content out of me whereby I was able to start creating a Free Report, Blueprints, and coming up with great ideas for a Manual and Templates. I was ecstatic to learn that I had hidden creativity that I wasn’t aware of until Suzanne coached it out of me. It was during this process that the Signature System was developed and I had fun doing it. Suzanne gave me a step-by-step system and tools how to launch my business in a successful manner. I feel empowered and encouraged that I’ll be starting a business in the right direction!

J. S., BCC
Health and Wellness Coach / Consultant

You have a choice to make. You can either see this opportunity before you and let it pass you by. Or you can see this opportunity before you and say, “Yes” and experience a new level of success in your life. I hope you’ll join me on this exciting, fulfilling path!

Invest Now to Get Huge Savings!

Or Make 4 easy installments of $499!!

*Note: Payments billed every 30 days

I truly look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Holistic Business Success System!

Thriving Together,


Suzanne Monroe
Holistic Business Coach & Mentor
Founder & CEO, The International Association of Wellness Professionals

Invest Now Here to Get Huge Savings

Or Make 4 easy installments of $499!

*Note: Payments billed every 30 days

“I went from overwhelmed and stuck to confident and moving forward in my business.”

My intention for this program was to finally get over my fear about running my own business and take concrete action toward making it happen. I got all that and more from my experience with Suzanne. She did a wonderful job of supportively meeting me where I was, while gently pushing me towards more courageous actions. Suzanne is a wealth of information and her personalized support really helped me fill the gaps in my own knowledge about how to be successful in my business. Her individualized attention, walking me through each step of refining my niche and fully developing my signature system, was instrumental in giving me the confidence to take my next steps. Whether you’re just starting out, or, like I was, stuck in the middle of a pile of to-do’s and half-finished projects, feeling too overwhelmed and scared to make a move – this program is just what you need!

Chanel Helgason, MD
Founder and Director, Synergenius
Creator of The Take-Charge Mom’s System for StressFree Living

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