The Heart-Based Business Model

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Knowing your Heart-Based Business Profile will support you to align you with your true work and purpose and allow you to create freedom, success, meaning and joy in your life without burnout or overwhelm. When you take the quiz, you’ll discover if you’re a Community Leader, a Trusted Guide or a Meaningful Messenger…and what this means for your business and your life!

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Discover how to create success doing what you love. Do you have the right business to support your passion both now and in the future?


Hi! I’m so glad you’ve found The Heart-Based Business Model. You’re about to tap into who you really are so you can create a business that aligns with your passion, purpose and talents. When you do that, you get to best serve the world and create meaningful work that you love to wake up to everyday! Once you take the quiz, you’ll receive your profile, then I’ll send you a detailed report walking you through your heart-based business model blueprint. I can’t wait to hear how you’re building a business in alignment with YOU!

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Suzanne Monroe

Founder, The International Association of Wellness Professionals
Heart-Based Business Mentor