Have you met your Business Shadow yet? Tips to get acquainted….

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-love-shadow-image12469008Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right, but nothing seems to be working out for you? Or maybe you’re moving to the next level, but certain things still seem off or continue to be a constant struggle?

It can be sooo frustrating to give something your all and not get the results you want.

I know how you feel. There was a time in my business when no matter what I did, there seemed to be this invisible force standing in my way. When I finally stopped running from it and decided to look in straight in the eye, things started to shift in a big way.

If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to meet your Business Shadow.

Meet your Business Shadow

Your shadow can show up in many ways. It’s different for everyone. A few common shadow themes you might recognize within yourself are:

*I’m not worthy
*I’m not good enough
*I’ll never be happy/successful/rich/thin/etc. enough
*I’m not confident enough
*I can’t do _____

Even though I’ve done a lot of inner work along my journey, I’ve found that as I continue to grow and evolve, there’s even bigger things to understand about myself. That’s one truth about being in business that I know for sure….the more you grow, the more challenges come you’re way.

The bigger things you want to do, the deeper you’re going to have to go. There’s no other way around, my friend.

But here’s the good thing – If you’re willing to look at it from a conscious place and do the inner work, it’s nothing to fear. It’s actually exciting.

Recently I’ve been getting excited about this work (yep, I’m geeking out on this stuff) and delving into my shadow on an even deeper level with the support of a coach. It’s powerful and I wanted to share with you what I’m learning:

*Each one of us has a shadow side, whether we know it or not.

*Most people tend to run from their shadow and hide this part of themselves

*All parts of you are amazing, the “good”, the “bad” and the “ugly”, they’re all a part of what makes you who you are and loving all parts of you is essential if you want to do greater and greater things in life and serve on a bigger level.

*Acknowledging your shadow can free you from many of the struggles you currently face (and those struggles keep showing up in hopes that you’ll take a closer look at your whole self)

So you might be wondering what your shadow has to do with your business. The answer: Everything. If you’re a heart-centered, conscious entrepreneur, that is. Because your work is a reflection of YOU. That means that whatever you’re experiencing in your work is a mirror for your life lessons.

And the sooner you look in the mirror, the sooner you can understand and work with the pain or fear you’re facing so you can get on with doing all you’re meant to do. (Instead of playing small or hiding out.)

Simple Steps to Stop Running from Your Shadow

What can you do to start bringing some light to your Business Shadow? Start with these four steps:

1. Spend some time getting really quiet and noticing the challenges and struggles you tend to face over and over again in areas of your life.

2. Look for a common thread to any challenges or struggles you’re facing right now. For example, if you’re finding that your team isn’t supporting you with your business in the way you want (or you don’t have any team), are you also not allowing for support in your personal relationships? Or if you’re lacking confidence in sharing your message and marketing your programs, where are you also not speaking up in other areas of your life?

3. Next, make a list of how these core themes are getting in the way of what you desire in each area of your life.

4. Determine if you need to get support to better understand your shadow and how to work with it. Read a book on the Shadow Process (by the amazing, late Debbie Ford) or work with a coach who can support you (email me for suggestions if you’re ready to dive deeper).

If you want to grow in your business, you have to face your shadow and take a look at all the parts of you that are talking to you. And when you do, amazing things will start to happen. Once you recognize your shadow you’ll wonder how you never noticed it was there before. Oh!, and you’re probably wondering if I’m going to reveal my shadow to you! I promise, I’m coming out with it very soon…it’s pretty juicy stuff. It’ll be worth the wait. Until then, share your comments below. Have you met your shadow yet? What’s standing in your way?

Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe Headshot

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