Have you found YOU yet? GIFT INSIDE to help you with your Holistic Biz

“Follow your bliss.” -Joseph Campbell

I heard this quote last night when I was watching the fabulous new documentary “Finding Joe”.

It’s all about the work of Joseph Campbell and how you must face your fears so you can find your bliss.

It’s about finding the Courage to be UNCOMFORTABLE with yourself enough so you can take the big leap in life to follow your dreams.

It’s about finding YOU.

The YOU that’s inside you right now, just waiting for you to say to what you want in life.

Which is one of the very reasons I created my all-new Mentorship & Mastermind Program….


It’s for Holistic-Preneurs who are ready to say yes to themselves, yes to the YOU that is waiting for you.

If you want to Lead your business, Love your Lifestyle and Be a Light for others this year, Then make sure to check out Lead*Love*Light right away:


Lead*Love*Light is all about deciding to Lead your business so you can more fully step into YOU and what you have to give to others on this journey.

It’s about surrounding yourself with tons of support and guidance so you can get there faster and with more fun, love and joy (instead of struggle and procrastination).

It’s not about waiting around for “Someday”, it’s about going for it and claiming what you want for yourself and your business NOW.

If you know deep down that you have a BIG VISION for your business and that the only thing holding you back is YOU, then make sure to check this out:

Because I’m taking only a small group of highly committed, Ready-to-Fly Holistic-Preneurs, this program is by APPLICATION ONLY.

You can get your application here: http://www.leadlovelight.com


When you visit http://www.leadlovelight.com you’ll gain access to a f’ree gift, an exclusive call I recently gave on “The Six Figure Mindset: Why Some Holistic Pro’s Fail and Others Succeed”.

This audio contains some super GEMS that will help you with your holistic biz right away.

You can get this gift here: http://www.leadlovelight.com


Thriving Together,
Suzanne Monroe

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