Have you ever thought THIS about yourself?

Have you ever thought this about yourself and your work: “Maybe no one really needs my help?” If so, you’re not alone. It’s a fear that most holistic practitioners have racing around in their subconscious. And it’s a close sister of “Maybe I’m not trained enough to help people?” and “I’m not perfect, so how can I help others?”.

Why do so many holistic practitioners and coaches have these same fears? Because we’re taught to believe them. Our current medical model tells us that we must be “experts” and we have to “wear a white coat” to be able to help people get well and we have to have years and years of training and then more training to be able to be a part of transforming someone’s life. But it’s not about telling our clients what they should do, it’s about empowering them to make the choices for themselves. It’s about supporting them and loving them and guiding them, not about giving them a pill to make it all feel better. And it’s not about more knowledge, training and “stuff”…it’s about knowing how to share your passion now. People do need what you have.

If you’ve ever felt that maybe there’s not enough people out there that need your services or want your support, think again. Coaching and Wellness are $100 billion industries and people are spending more money than ever on health services and coaching.

Your fear must be telling you something else then….

It’s normal to experience doubts and fears, we all do. But it’s what we do with them that changes the outcome. If we look at the fear for what it is, we may learn something deeper about ourselves and be able to create a breakthrough in our business.

Let me give you an example from my own life….

I used to think that no one needed by services and I would find every reason I could to support this. I wouldn’t market myself or I wouldn’t reach out for support or I wouldn’t tell other people what I was up to. One day I realized that I was totally sabotaging myself and my work and I saw my fears for what they were: It wasn’t that no one needed my help, it was that I was afraid to really step up and be the business owner that I knew I could be, because then a lot of people would need my services. And if I could help a lot of people, would I have to change to be able to be that person? The answer was YES. I had to make a lot of changes to become the holistic-preneur I am today, like changing my thinking, my relationships, my view of money, who I spent time with, how I spent my own time….and the list goes on and on.

So if you’re thinking that no one likes what you have to offer or that you’re not good at marketing or that you need to get more credentials before you really help people….consider if what’s coming through might actually be: What changes in my life will have to come if I do share my work with the world, if I do attract all the clients I desire and if I am really good at sharing my stuff? It may be time to get rid of some old habits that make you feel comfortable, right?

Your Clients are Waiting For You

Your clients are out there waiting for you to find them. They have big challenges and problems that need to be solved. And you can help them…if only they knew about you.

So what’s the disconnect?

The reason is, as a holistic health professional you’re an expert in Health not in Marketing. So stop beating yourself up about this.

The Truth is: You don’t need more credentials behind your name to attract more clients. What you really need is training in how to share your message and build your business so that you know how to find the clients that are waiting for you.

If your like most holistic pro’s, you’re just missing one piece. One simple piece.

And that one simple piece is something I figured out years ago and have been using in my business ever since.

And I’m revealing what it is on my upcoming call this Thursday.

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Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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