Student Success Story - The International Association of Wellness Professionals

Share Your Success

Congratulations on your recent success! Whether you are still a student in our program, or graduating, your success is an inspiration to others in our community.

We’d love to feature you and share your success with others who are considering our programs.

Please take the time to upload a short, informal video success story and answer the following questions below.

Step 1 – Film Your Video Success Story

Share the following in your video success story:
  • Your Name and Business Name or Website
  • What your biggest success has been since working with the IAWP?
  • What has been most life-changing for you since finding the IAWP?
  • What are you most excited about with your work?
  • If you have started working with clients, tell us about your success! How many clients have you worked with and what sort of monthly revenue are you generating?
Tips for making your video:
  • Keep your video to under 3 minutes
  • Read through the answers to the questions above
  • Speak from the heart, don’t script it.
  • Lighting – Be sure you don’t have light behind you as it will darken your face
How to film your video:
  • Use the web camera on your computer.
  • Use a horizontal orientation for your video
  • Be aware of your background
  • Make sure that your lighting source is in front of you rather than behind you to avoid darkening your face. If you are near a window or light, you should be facing the window with the computer between you and the light source.
  • Turn off your phone and other devices so you don’t get interrupted.
  • Smile and have fun!

Here is a great example of how you want to crop your video:

How to upload your video:
  • Once you film your video, you will need to upload to a site where it can be shared and the IAWP can download it. (YouTube, etc)
  • You will enter the URL in the form below
Step 2 – Answer the Following Questions about your Success
After you have filmed your video please fill out the rest of this form: