Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Ready to Rock you’re on this amazing path to tapping into your passion + serving others + creating a business and lifestyle you love, you simply can’t turn back. Even if you haven’t figured out the nuts and bolts of how to make it all work, you’re already two feet in and stuck in the mud (it’s a good kind of mud, though, the kind that you feel a little uncomfortable in, but ready to squish through.)

One of the biggest mistakes newbie holistic-preneurs make, and even experienced ones, is that you keep blocking yourself from what you say you really want. I see it time and time again. For example, you say you want more clients. But you don’t take the actions needed to generate more clients. Or you keep doing the same things over and over again, hoping they’ll work even when they’re not.

Sometimes fear is holding you back, or old habits or not wanting to get it WRONG. That’s where my friend Kris Ward comes in to really help you design the lifestyle you want and the business of your dreams. Check out what’s she up to right now, click here to learn about her very juicy offer for holistic-preneurs.

Whether it’s fear or just not having a clue about what next step to take, it’s time to get out of your own way.

Today I’m sharing the #1 thing you must do to get out of your own way and get ready to rock!

Drumroll, please…..

Know Thyself.

Yep, knowing yourself is all you have to really do. Once you truly know yourself, everything else comes naturally with a flow that is unmistakable. You’ll know it when you’re in it and you’ll know when you’re not. If you aren’t in this flow right now, it’s showing up in ways like overwhelm, lack of confidence, procrastination and inaction or lots of action that leads nowhere. Sound familiar?

See, I believe that your life is meant to touch others. It’s one of the reasons you’re here and doing the work you’re doing. Nothing happens by accident. Every choice and every decision you’ve made is meant to teach you something that you can also teach others. When you start tapping into that, magic happens.

There’s three steps to “Know Thyself” that you can start digging into now to better understand yourself and how you can serve others through your work.

Step 1 – Birds’ Eye View of Your Life –

Take a step back from and get a new view of your journey. If you weren’t you, how would “you” describe your life journey so far. What stands out from this birds’ eye view of your life? What are the highlights, pitfalls, and shining moments? They all count. Next, how do these moments make you unique and what is there to learn from them. Keep this in mind:

Your unique life experience = your unique gift to share

Once you know thyself, you can tap into that unique gift and bring it out for others to learn from. Start by sharing your story and experiences and what you’ve learned. Whether you teach yoga, are a coach or offer reiki, bringing your unique self to your message is what will draw people to you. It’s what will differentiate you and make you so crystal clear about what you’re supposed to do and how to do it. If you’ve ever struggled with identifying a niche, this will create immediate clarity. So do this now. Then….

Step 2 – Tap into your Flow Zone

Have you noticed that being in business for yourself sometimes makes you feel like you have to do everything…and do it right? But what if you’re not a natural at writing articles or blogging? Or what if getting in front of a video camera is your worst nightmare? You’re not meant to be a “jane” or “jack” of all trades. And when it comes to sharing your message, the best way to do that is by doing what you do best.

Sure, there’s always times to grow and try new things. But why not build upon your strengths? If you’re not sure what your strengths are, consider where you could spend 5 hours without realizing time has gone by and stop and suddenly say “Wow, what just happened! What time is it, anyway?” It’s that feeling of being in a flow, I call it your “flow zone”. In your flow zone, you’re doing what you do best naturally and time escapes you.

When it comes to connecting with your tribe, the people you’re meant to serve, you want to be in your genius and operating from your “flow zone” as often as possible. That’s where you’ll shine and be able to really serve.

Step 3 – Custom Design your Biz

It’s easy to get caught up in what you “should” be doing to have a fabulous business. Group programs, VIP programs, Masterminds, Webinars, Teleseminars, Retreats….. Oh my! But what if you put it all to rest and designed your business with YOU in mind. Once you Know Thyself and tap into your Flow Zone, it becomes really obvious what you’re meant to focus on next. And if you create your business from this foundation, you’re going to be really happy. If you don’t, you might struggle to follow your passion, hit more obstacles and find yourself resenting your business. That’s definitely not why you decided to start your own gig, right? So instead of trying to do it all, do one thing really well – The thing that you do best.

Here’s a great example…..

One of my private coaching clients got crystal clear on her business after completing the above three steps. “Samantha” is a Wellness Coach who was struggling with where to find clients and what her niche was. After taking a Birds’ Eye View of her life, she realized she had some very unique experiences that she wasn’t sharing through her work. In fact, she was hiding them. She had suffered through years of eating disorders and challenges with her body image. She thought that if she shared this with her clients, they wouldn’t understand or wouldn’t be able to relate or may think she wasn’t the perfect wellness coach for them. Samantha was offering Wellness Coaching but not specifically to women with body images/eating disorder concerns. Then, she tapped into her flow zone. Up until now, she had been working with one-on-one clients, but what she really loved what teaching classes and working with groups. Working with individual clients drained her and she preferred facilitating workshop-style groups. Custom Designing her biz became very clear: Offering small group workshops designed for women suffering from body image/eating disorders. Now she could say no to all of the things that didn’t fit into her new business model.

I’m curious to hear what comes up for you when you try out the 3 steps to Know Thyself. Share your comments below about how you’re getting out of your own way and getting your business rockin’!

Health, Love and Success,


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6 thoughts on “Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Ready to Rock

  1. Eriall

    This was something I really needed to read–thank you! A lot of us coaches hear tips and things like this all the time, even teach our clients about things like this but still need to hear/read it a few more times ourselves before it really hits home(!) you know? ;p
    I’m naturally an introvert and I love working with people one-on-one far more than working with groups, but I keep hearing more experienced coaches saying “work with groups!” “do group programs!” and it’s just not my strength in my coaching practice. It’s really nice to have someone encouraging me to build my practice on my strengths for a change, instead of just trying to moderate my weaknesses. Thanks Suzanne!

  2. Suzanne Post author

    Thanks Sarbasish! Keep us posted on your success! -Health, Love and Success, Suzanne Monroe

  3. Suzanne Post author

    Hi James, Great question! The steps here are definitely foundational steps you need to have in place, but when it comes to making money with your passion, there are many things to consider. One of the biggest challenges I see holistic professionals making is with pricing and packaging their services. You also want to make sure that you are solving a burning problem for a specific group of people. Finally, you need a system in place to educate people (not convince them though, if you’re convincing them, it’s not the right group) then inspire them to take the next step and invest in solving their problem. Hope this helps! We’d love to have you join us at the IAWP as a member where we can help you with all of these steps!

  4. Suzanne Post author

    Hi Eriall, That’s great to hear! There’s always room to stretch outside our comfort zone if it utilizes our skills and our unique brilliance. But definitely focusing in on what you’re good at is key. Keep us posted! – Suzanne

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