Get Grounded in your Business

I used to think about how if only I had more this or more that in my business, things would be different.

Do you ever have these “if only” thoughts:

If only I had….
more clients
more mo’ney
more help
more training
more marketing dollars

And sometimes you even wonder, If only I had….
more credibility
more confidence
more presence
more courage
more of whatever he/she has (you know, that person you’re always comparing yourself to.)

What this all boils down to is that there’s something really important missing in your business. And it’s not any of the things I’ve mentioned thus far. See, those are all the things you point your finger at and blame as the reasons why you aren’t successful, but the only thing you need more of is…..


What? Grounding?

Take a look at the definition of grounding…..

basic training or instruction in a subject; foundation, earthing; mindfulness practice to connect you with the present moment

And that’s exactly what I mean.

You need to be earthed in your business, have a foundation under you, the training and support to do what you say you want to be doing. To be grounded is to be supported and literally “earthed” by your business. And when you’re grounded, you’re connected in the present and so sure of yourself and what you are creating and bringing to the world.

Grounding leads to confidence, clarity and ultimately, more clients, more opportunities and more successes.

To be completely transparent with you, even at this level in my business, I’m still working on grounding. 2013 is about even more grounding for me, more foundation and more being in the present.

How can you get Grounded in your business sooner rather than later?

If you’re resonating with this, then the next step is to start welcoming in more grounding.

Here’s how to get started with grounding in your business:

  1. Check for Holes – Start with noticing where you don’t feel grounded in your business. Where are there holes, gaps or areas that could use more earth? What’s missing from you feeling supported and creating success? You might need more training or support with how to market yourself or run your business or create more leverage.
  2. Fill in the Gaps – For many holistic practitioners, they find gaps and holes in their “basic training”. For example, you might find clients are seeking more support but you don’t know how to really help them. This would be an indicator you need more coaching skills on how to help clients evolve and reach their goals. On the other hand, you might be sooo good at creating transformations for your clients, but you don’t know how to explain that to new, potential clients. What’s lacking here is “client enrollment” training. Both are essential in helping your clients to create breakthroughs, so fill in the gaps.
  3. Practice Grounding – It’s really easy each day to get overwhelmed and scattered if you don’t focus on grounding. There’s so many things you could be doing, right? Stop paying so much attention to what everyone else is doing and remember what you are meant to be doing. Get grounded in you and your purpose. Practice some mindfulness around this, it could be meditation or imagery or even getting your bare feet in the ground each morning before you start your work.

If you want to experience a more grounded business built on a strong foundation, be sure to join me for one of the Live Replays of Wellness leaders: How to Build a Thriving Business that Serves the World and Fuels Your Lifestyle.

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I’d love to hear your comments on grounding below!

Thriving Together,

P.S. There’s some super exciting
on this call, so be sure to
join me live if you can. I can’t wait
to connect with you and show you how
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