Freedom and Independence for Wellness Professionals and Holistic Business Owners

“Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world.” – Jane Adams

Celebrate Your Business Independence!

One of my core values is Freedom. Being able to design my life and allow myself to explore, create, and grow is something I wouldn’t trade anything for. So it’s no wonder I own my own business! As a fellow entrepreneur, I’m sure you can relate. To me, one of the greatest things about owning your own business is that you get to choose when you work, how you work, where you work, and with whom you work, to name just a few of the entrepreneurial freedoms. I also truly believe that you get to choose how much money you make and how much fun you will have along your journey. The truth is, the only person that can make decisions about your business is you, which means you play the key role in determining your own success. Only you have the freedom to choose what paths you will take to support your dream. Agreed?

The July 4th Holiday celebrates independence and freedom of our nation. In recent years, I have secretly recognized it as a celebration of my own personal freedom and independence to choose how I design my life and my business. Will you join me in adding this new definition to Independence Day? (For our readers around the globe, please apply this to your own independence holidays or other fitting celebrations.)

To me freedom is about being able to follow my passion without constraints. You can bet there’s some bumps along the Freedom Road, but knowing that you can choose how you react and how you turn challenges into opportunities to learn is, well, downright free-ing!

Freedom to Follow Your Dreams

One of my favorite Freedom questions to ask myself is “How Far Will I Go to Reach My Dreams?” Since I have the freedom to choose how far I will go, the answer is up to me. Many people will object, saying that there are other factors that come into play, like finances, family obligations, hardships, age, location etc. I’m not saying the Freedom Road is all downhill coasting. And I’m really grateful I live in a country where I have access to so many opportunities. But what I’ve discovered is that there will always be other “factors”, which I simply call challenges or obstacles, on the path. Sometimes they show up to test you and ask you to re-commit to your passion, or remind you to affirm just how dedicated you are.

“Successful people” – aka those who have created the life they desire, in my book – have just as many or more challenges on their journeys. The only difference between those who create freedom in their lives and those who don’t, is that those who do, chose to persevere.

For me, the answer is simple, I won’t stop until I get to where I’m going! And even then, I know my Big Vision and idea of where I’m going will evolve, so I’ll just keep going, following my passion wherever it takes me.

Do You Ever Feeling Like Giving Up on Your Business?

When times got challenging over the years, as they always will when you’re a business owner, sometimes I felt like giving up. But then I would ask myself the question, How far will I go to reach my dreams?, and remember that I am on the road to my goal and that nothing will stop me as long as I continue to believe that it’s possible and keep trusting the process.

There’s no doubt you’re going to have to make changes to adapt to new things and grow along the way, but perseverance is why 99% of people who succeed actually succeed, when others give up.

Perseverance doesn’t mean just pushing ahead blindly. You want to keep your eyes open to new insights and inspirations, as well as opportunities and ways you can be supported. To me, persevering means three things:

*Being open to support tools that will help you to move forward.

*Being open to changing the course of the road your on.

*Keeping your big vision in mind, even if you adapt your path along the way.

More Freedom In Your Business

Another type of Freedom I like to celebrate and honor this time of year, besides the independence of running your own show, is the tangible freedom that you can create in your own business. What I mean is, freedom of time and money, so you don’t feel trapped by your business. Unfortunately, for many people who take the leap to follow their passions, they experience initial freedom, but it’s not long before they feel like their business is harder work than working for someone else. The funny thing is, while they thought they were creating freedom for themselves, they don’t feel very free anymore.

This usually happens to wellness professionals who don’t have a system in place. You learned all you could about your field of expertise, but no one told you you were going to have to learn about business and marketing, right?

One of the things that has allowed me to have more freedom in my business, was to create systems that allowed me to consistently attract new clients and partnerships.

You, too, can create systems that work for you, no matter what stage of your business you’re in. If you’re feeling trapped in your business and unsure of how to make it survive or you just want to go to the next level, becoming a Member of the International Association of Wellness Professionals will help you to get out of “survive” mode and into “thrive” mode. We support you with consistent business and marketing training all year long so you can be successful as a holistic health professional.

For me, receiving support and surrounding myself with like-minded people who are growing and thriving is important. That’s why you’ll always hear me saying that getting support is one of the keys to being successful in your wellness business. It’s what I’ve always done and will continue to do.

Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Freedom

What will you do to celebrate and express your freedom this year as someone who is creating your own, passion-filled, exciting path?

Here are some ideas, plus I want to hear yours!:

*Take a day off on a random day of the week, because you can!

*Set a “Freedom Day” goal for your Big Vision and choose markers along the way that will signal you are on the road to success. It might be a business goal, like how many clients you are working with, or a financial goal, like how much revenue your company has made. Whatever you choose, it should be important to you as sign of your personal freedom.

*If you’re “burning the candle at both ends” working a “real” job and starting up your wellness business, celebrate by literally lighting candles in the evening where you are working on your passion, honoring the fact that you are taking action to create your life and follow your dream.

*Ask yourself what would have to happen in your business or your life to allow you to create more freedom. More support? More capital? More clients? More free time? More relaxation? More action on your part? More business and marketing training? Then decide what action you can take now.

*Consider business training and support as an essential part of your business growth, then find a coach or a mentor who can support you.

*Make a list of how your work inspires others to be free: free from health problems, free from stress, free from pain.

I look forward to hearing how you’re celebrating your entrepreneurial freedom! Happy 4th of July!

Thriving Together,



Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP

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