For Woman Entrepreneurs Only – Letting go of Superwoman


It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t need to be Superwoman. For some reason, “Superwoman” is glorified in our society. She can do it all: run a business, take care of the kids, keep the house perfectly clean, make delicious meals, be a great wife and somehow end up at the end of the day in a good mood ready to keep giving more.


Can you relate to being Superwoman?


The most healing thing ever for me was realizing I didn’t have to be Superwoman to be super…and in fact, letting of Superwoman allowed me to be an even better business owner, entrepreneur, wife and mother.


Because Superwoman is actually just a facade. Underneath all of the accomplishments and the beautiful cape she wears as her mask, she’s totally worn out, overwhelmed, and wanting something different for herself but too afraid to admit it.


Being Superwoman is not the path of the conscious, female entrepreneur. 


And Adrenal fatigue, stress and burnout are not accomplishments, ladies!


It’s time to get the new paradigm shift. The new Superwoman:


  • Receives
  • Asks for support
  • Learns to let go
  • Takes on less rather than more
  • Knows her sense of worth does not come from crossing off her to-do list


If you’re a heart-based, female entrepreneur who wants to have a big impact without compromising on your lifestyle, your health and well-being and yourself, then check out this exciting event just for women entrepreneurs – and evolved guys, too πŸ™‚


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I’m excited to be a featured speaker in this event hosted by my friend Erika Ferenczi. She’s brought together an amazing line-up of successful female entrepreneurs who are going to show you how to break this old Superwoman mentality and step into a more empowered version of success so you can make the big difference you want to in your business.


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Love, Health and Success,



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