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Are you looking for personal support with your health and wellness goals? You can use Wellness Coach Connect to find a Health & Wellness Professional that matches your needs. Our Wellness Professionals are experienced in a variety of health and wellness backgrounds and healing modalities. coachingsession

Looking for an IAWP Certified Wellness Coach?
All of our Certified Wellness Coaches have been trained in holistic health and wellness and specifically on how to help individuals achieve their personal wellness goals. Look for an IAWP Certified Coach using the search function or while reviewing listings.

IAWP Certified Wellness Coaches receive their education through the International Association of Wellness Professionals’ Wellness Coach Certification Program. The IAWP is a globally-recognized, accredited organization and a leader in Health and Wellness training.

Our Wellness Coaches have been taught the latest, most cutting edge information in health and wellness and coaching so they can best support you in reaching your goals. They learn from some of the most renowned health and wellness experts, including IAWP Faculty Members Dr. Bernie Siegel (Wellness Pioneer), Dr. Stephen Rechtshaffen (Co-Founder of the Omega Institute), Sally Fallon Morrel (Traditional foods expert), Marci Schimoff (World renowned transformational teacher) and many other leading experts.

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