February: From Fear to Love in your business

It’s said that there’s only two motivating forces in the world, fear and love. And this being the month of love, it’s a good time to release some fear. We all have fear. No matter what you’re up to in your life and in your business, there’s going to be fear. It’s easy to look at what others are doing and think that they must not be afraid. But the truth is, the more big things someone is doing in the world, the bigger the fear they’ve come up against. The only difference between them and you, is that they decided to focus on the love and move through the fear. If you’re afraid of putting yourself out there in the world or doing something new, know that it’s okay and completely normal. But it’s not okay to let your fear take over and hold you back, because the message you have to share will die inside you. So recognize your fear and then lean into it while you focus on what you desire. I promise you, amazing things will happen! This newsletter’s Featured Article will help you get grounded first, so taking this leap will be easier. And if you’re really feeling called to be courageous despite your fears, then make sure to check out the Live Bonus Replays of our complimentary training Wellness Leaders: How to Build a Thriving Business that Serves the World & Fuels Your Lifestyle. See you there!

Thriving Together,

Suzanne Monroe
Founder & CEO, IAWP







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